How half of the farmers of Rajasthan are getting free electricity? Government gave details in the assembly

Rajasthan’s Minister of State for Energy Bhanwar Singh Bhati has claimed that 12 lakh 76 thousand agricultural consumers of the state have been given a subsidy of Rs 1,324 crore in electricity bills. Due to this, the electricity bill of about 7 lakh 49 thousand farmers has become zero. In this way, about 50 percent of the farmers of the state are getting free electricity. This Chief Minister Kisan Mitra Energy Scheme It is possible because of this, under which a subsidy of Rs 1000 is being given to the farmers every month.

Responding to the discussion on the electricity situation, Bhati said that along with agricultural consumers, a big relief has been provided to domestic consumers by giving subsidy in electricity bills. According to the budget announcement, a grant of about Rs 2 thousand 174 crore has been given to 1 crore 20 lakh domestic consumers till August 2022. Due to this, the electricity bill of 37 lakh 97 thousand domestic consumers has become zero. He informed that grant ranging from Rs.600 to Rs.750 per month is being given to all the domestic consumers of the state.

All connections will be issued in two years

Bhati informed that during the tenure of the present government, from December 2018 to September 2022, 2 lakh 92 thousand 471 agriculture connections have been issued, whereas during the previous government, only 2 lakh 68 thousand 522 agriculture connections were issued in the entire 5 years. He said that in the coming two years, the target of releasing the remaining pending agriculture connections would be achieved. In the present tenure, one 400 KV, 5 220 KV, 23 132 KV and 555 33 KV power sub-stations have been established.

emphasis on solar energy

The minister informed that the scheme has been approved for setting up of 750 KV grid station in Jodhpur. The government, doing better work in the field of renewable energy, has established 10 thousand 463 MW solar power and 2700 MW wind power generation capacity plants. Also 42 MW capacity centers have been established under Kusum Yojana.

The Minister of State for Power said that notice for recovery of fuel sub-charge and bail money is being issued as per the rules of Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission. He said that giving notice to the consumers for the security deposit is a continuous process, which is effective since 2004. In the year 2015-16 also, notices were issued on the guidelines of the Regulatory Commission to recover the additional earnest money.

What about the availability of coal?

The Minister of State for Power said that the central government has complete control over coal. The coal blocks are allotted to the states by the center itself. The coal already allotted to Rajasthan has run out of coal. Due to the movement of local people in the other allotted mines, coal production is not being done.

Also bringing coal from Mahanadi coals is very expensive and inconvenient. In the midst of all these circumstances, efforts are being made to overcome the shortage of coal by coordinating with the central government. He said that due to the directive of the Central Government regarding the obligation to buy 10 percent imported coal, the state had to buy coal at four times costlier rates.

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