Horticulture department has prepared a plan to increase production and maintain quality of Allahabadi guava

Allahabad has now become Prayagraj. The Yogi government in its unprecedented decision has returned its ancient name to Allahabad. But, even today on the tongue of guava lovers, Allahabadi Guava The name persists. Actually Allahabad’s guava is popular all over the world due to its color and taste. However, for the last few years, due to many reasons, the interest of whose cultivation has decreased among the farmers. In view of this, the Uttar Pradesh Horticulture Department has now taken over.

For example, to promote the cultivation of guava in Prayagraj and maintain the quality of the fruits, on the instructions of the state government, the Horticulture Department of the state has started afresh efforts. The purpose of which is to provide good income to the farmers from their produce and to maintain the interest of the farmers in the cultivation of guava.

Farmers are being given training

Under the initiative started by the Horticulture Department for the farmers of Allahabadi Guava, farmers are being trained to produce good crops by using better technology. Under this special campaign, the Horticulture Department has trained the farmers and gardeners of Prayagraj and adjoining districts at the Horticulture Experiment and Training Centre, Khusru Bagh in the past. One month free training is being provided to farmers and gardeners.

At the same time, farmers have been informed about spraying of urea on certain species of guava in the month of May. Due to which production is better in winters. In the training, farmers were asked to use a special pheromone trap (fruit fly trap), which is essential for pest control. The main objective of the initiative of the Horticulture Department is to encourage the farmers for the production of Guava. So that the famous Allahabadi guava in the country and abroad should maintain its existence.

Reduced production due to bad weather and pests

Known for its color and taste, Allahabadi Guava is famous in India and abroad, which is a cash crop for farmers. For example, Elabadi Guava is in great demand. Whose market prices are also better. But, the production of guava in Prayagraj has declined in the last few years due to various reasons including bad weather and pests. Due to this the farmers had to suffer heavy losses. As a result, the interest of the farmers started decreasing with the cultivation of guava.

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