Harvesting paddy at night can cause loss to farmers, moisture may increase in grain

Rabi season is at its peak. Under which these days the early variety of paddy has become ready by ripening in the fields. So at the same time many farmers have also started harvesting early varieties of crops. Under which the farmers are engaged day and night to complete the harvesting of the crop as soon as possible. But, for such farmers at night paddy harvesting Doing so can prove to be a loss deal. In fact, harvesting paddy at night can increase the moisture content in the grain. Which is enough to convert the hard work of the farmers into loss. Keeping this in mind, instructions are being given by the district administration to the farmers in many districts of Punjab not to harvest paddy at night.

Actually there is moisture in the temperature at night. In this condition, the moisture content in the grain increases after harvesting the paddy. Which can prove to be a loss deal for the farmers. In such a situation, farmers will either have to sell their crop at a lower price or dry it to eliminate the moisture of the crop.

Price less than MSP on moisture more than 17 percent

The Minimum Support Price (MSP) of the paddy crop has been declared. Under which Rs 2015 quintal MSP has been fixed for general category paddy. But, farmers also have to follow certain conditions to sell the crop at MSP. Under which the quality of grain is important. Under one of these rules, the grain should have less than 17 percent moisture. If more than this, farmers do not get the benefit of MSP of the crop.

In such a situation, if farmers harvest paddy at night, then the amount of moisture in the crops can increase. Due to this, farmers may face problem in selling their produce at MSP.

Harvester banned in Punjab at night

To prevent the increase in moisture content on paddy crops, many district administrations of Punjab have started taking decisions. In this episode, many district administrations of Punjab have banned the operation of harvesters at night. In order to stop the harvesting of paddy at night, the district administration has also directed the combine harvester operators to do so after 7 pm and 10 am. Do not use machines before noon. For example, permission has been given to run the harvester on the fields only from 10 am to 7 pm.

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