Great news for farmers! PROM will be an alternative to DAP, the tension of manure will end

There is news of relief for the farmers facing the problem of inflation and sortage of DAP i.e. Di ammonium Phosphate. Haryana, which is very ahead in agriculture, is looking for its alternative. Agriculture Minister JP Dalal has said that the manure prepared from cow dung is Phosphate Rich Organic Manure.PROM-Phosphate Rich Organic Manure) ‘Prom’ can be an alternative to DAP compost. To implement this, he has discussed with the officials of Agriculture Department, Animal Husbandry Department, Gau Sewa Aayog, Horticulture Department and Haryana Agricultural University etc. Let us inform that the farmers of Haryana faced unprecedented DAP crisis during the Rabi sowing season.DAP Crisis) had suffered.

Then people used Single Super Phosphate (SSP) and urea in sowing wheat and mustard as its substitute here. Now the Kharif season is on the head and the Agriculture Minister is talking of ‘Prom’ as an alternative to DAP. It remains to be seen whether farmers take interest in this organic manure as compared to chemical fertilizer or not.

where is the prom getting ready

Agriculture Minister JP Dalal told that Prom manure is being manufactured in Gaushalas of Pinjore, Hisar and Bhiwani. Monitoring and testing of this fertilizer has been done in the lab of IIT, HAU. He said that people of Haryana Agricultural University, Horticulture Department and Agriculture Department will also conduct trials of this fertilizer. Because it will be a revolutionary step for the country. He claimed that if there is a successful trial of PROM manure, then it will be a big step in the interest of the country.

Team set up for prom

JP Dalal said that a task force (team) has been constituted regarding prom khad. In which officials of Agriculture Department, Gau-Seva Commission and Haryana Agricultural University are involved. This team will give its report about this prom manure. The work of making paint, manure and gas etc. has been done from cow dung and in this direction various companies have also tied up with Gaushalas for gas.

International Horticulture Market to be built on 545 acres

Dalal said that the government is expanding the mandis. International Horticulture Market will be set up on 545 acres of land in Gannaur, Sonepat. The project was stalled for the last 15 years. Whose tender is now open. 1600 crores will be spent on this project. Similarly, tenders have been made to open Horticulture University in Karnal. Dalal said that today many crops like mustard, cotton and wheat are being sold in the market at a higher price than the MSP. Which farmers are getting benefit.