Good news on the oilseeds front, 29 percent jump in mustard production

There is good news for the country on the oilseeds front. The production of oilseeds is gradually increasing in the country. Especially mustard. A big reason behind this is the good price. from last two years market price of mustard It is getting more than the Minimum Support Price (MSP). In such a situation, farmers are focusing on this instead of wheat and other rabi crops. The result of which is that the production of mustard has increased by 29 percent from 91.24 to 117.46 lakh tonnes in the last two years.

In the agriculture conference organized on Rabi campaign, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar mentioned about increasing production of mustard. He said that the productivity of mustard has increased by 10 percent. Its production has increased from 1331 kg per hectare to 1458 kg per hectare. The area under rapeseed and mustard has increased by 17 percent from 68.56 in 2019-20 to 80.58 lakh hectare in 2021-22.

Soybean and Sunflower Mission

Tomar said that the increased production of mustard will help in reducing the import of palm oil and sunflower oil. The government is now also implementing the Soyabean and Sunflower Mission on the lines of the Mustard Mission. So that its production increases faster and India becomes self-sufficient in oilseeds as soon as possible. India imports about 65 per cent of its edible oil requirements.

Edible oil: when will the dependence of other countries end

India imports edible oil worth about Rs 70,000 crore annually. Because the production of oilseed crops in our country is very less. We are importing palm oil the most. While this oil is not considered good for health. Overall, we are dependent on Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia for edible oil. Due to the shortage of edible oils in India, its price has increased significantly in the last one year.

Where is most mustard grown?

According to the report of the Union Agriculture Ministry, Rajasthan tops in mustard production. Here alone about 40 mustard seeds of the country are produced. Haryana is at number two, where about 14 percent of the country’s mustard is produced. Madhya Pradesh’s share in mustard production is 12 percent, Uttar Pradesh’s 11 and West Bengal’s 9 percent. According to agricultural scientists, there is more benefit in the cultivation of mustard than in wheat. Because its price reaches double the MSP. In such a situation, farmers need to focus on the cultivation of oilseeds especially mustard.

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