Good News! Now there will be home delivery of pesticides, the government has changed this rule

Central government Has changed the pesticide rules. now the farmers insecticide They will not have to go to the market for shopping, rather they will get home delivery. According to the information, the central government has legally approved the sale of pesticides through e-commerce websites. Now companies will be able to sell pesticides legally. The special thing is that now only Amazon and Flipkart have got the green signal to sell pesticides legally.

According to the report, companies selling pesticides will have to take a license for this. Along with this, it will also be mandatory for the companies to follow the license rules. It will be the responsibility of the e-commerce company to verify the license. At the same time, experts say that this decision of the Central Government is in the interest of the farmers. Now they will not have to wander from door to door to buy pesticides. Also, due to this rule, pesticides will become cheaper for the farmers in the coming days. Apart from this, competition will increase in the pesticide market.

also announces compensation

Let us tell you that there is a lot of wastage of crops due to the attack of insects. There are also many such insects, which attack in herds and lick the leaves of the entire crop within a few hours. This destroys the crop. According to a figure, every year crops grown on thousands of hectares of land in India are destroyed due to pests. In such a situation, the farmers have to bear a lot of economic loss. However, the government also announces compensation to help the farmers in such a situation.

10 crore subsidy amount was released

At the same time, news came out yesterday that insects like mealybugs, scales and spider mites are attacking arecanut trees in Karnataka. In such a situation, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai released a subsidy amount of Rs 10 crore to prevent the outbreak of insects attacking arecanut plants, so that farmers can spray insecticide chemicals on arecanut trees.

Will be done to implement preventive measures

According to agricultural scientists, the most common insects that damage arecanut are mealybugs, scales and spider mites. They make the plant spotted by sucking the juice from the stem and leaves. If it is not taken care of immediately, the leaves of betel nut turn yellow and gradually the plant dries up. The special thing is that the amount released will be used to implement preventive measures against pest attack in Chikmagalur, Shivamogga and Malnad districts.

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