Good days will come soon for the farmers cultivating Chinia Banana, demand will increase in the country and abroad

Banana cultivation in Hajipur district of Bihar (Banana Farming) is famous for. The banana here is famous all over the state and people eat it with great fervor. Farmers of Hajipur (Farmers) cultivate a special variety of banana, which is known as Chinaa banana. The farmers associated with the cultivation of this banana are going to have good days soon. Actually, Chinia Banana has a GI (Geographical Indication) Efforts have been intensified to get the tag and initial success has also been achieved in this direction. Farmers are excited by this and they hope that after getting the GI tag, Chincha Banana will become a global identity and there will be an increase in demand.

According to NABARD officials, the GI Registry located in Chennai has approved the initial proposal sent for giving GI tag to Chinia Banana. Farmers say that if we get the GI tag, then our product will reach the big market and we will get benefit. A farmer told that Chinaya banana is produced throughout the year. But the Chinia banana which ripens in June-July is different. He said that it is the main means of livelihood for farmers like me. The Chinia Banana here goes to the country states.

Vaishali District The Hub Of Chinia Banana

An official of the Horticulture Department said that some blocks of Vaishali district are hubs of Chinia Banana. He said that China’s banana of Hajipur is also very important commercially. However, farmers have to suffer a lot due to Panama disease. A lot of effort is being made by the government to protect China’s banana from disease. He said that if GI tag was available, it would have many benefits. Not only will the earnings increase, but the government will also pay special attention to it, which will benefit the farmers.

Officials said that some agricultural products of Bihar like Muzaffarpur’s famous Shahi Litchi, Bhagalpuri Jardalu Mango, Katari Rice and Magahi Paan have already got GI tag. In December last year, Makhana got the GI tag. Now efforts are being made for Chinia Banana. By getting the GI tag, identity is established and new markets are found for the farmers in the country and abroad. Increasing demand for products makes a difference to their earnings.

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