Gobar Economy: Now there will be income from cow dung, government will buy at the rate of Re 1 kg

Cattle free and animal husbandry (coaching city quota)Animal HusbandryThe Devnarayan Pashupalak Awas Yojana, designed to promote it, has been started. In this unique scheme of its kind, the Minister of Autonomy, Shanti Dhariwal handed over the possession and got the allottees entered into the house. In the first phase, after completing the construction of 738 houses, 501 houses have been allotted. Arrangements have been made for the accommodation of 15 thousand cattle in this housing scheme prepared at a cost of about Rs 300 crore. Hi-tech facilities have been arranged for them. The special thing is that the cattle owners living here will be able to sell cow dung apart from milk. For this one rupee per kg will be paid.

Initiating this, the Minister of Autonomous Government said that not only in the country but also in foreign countries, there will be no such scheme equipped with all facilities for cattle farmers, where their educational, economic and social development can be done by settling the cattlemen together. . This will bring a big change in the lives of the livestock farmers. Along with this, the city of Kota will be helped to be free from animal accidents.

What will happen in the plan?

Provisions have also been made in this scheme for the future of the children of cattle owners. Facilities like English medium school, hospital, milk market, hot market, milk processing unit, biogas plant, operation of buses for transportation have been made available in this housing scheme. Apart from this, veterinary hospital, society office, police post and cattle fair ground have also been constructed.

Features of the plan

  • Provision has been made for 1227 large residential plots for livestock farmers.
  • Out of these, after completing the construction of 738 houses, allocations have also been made to 501 livestock owners.
  • In the rear part of these plots, there are two rooms, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, verandah, fodder storage facility in an area of ​​about 40 square meters.
  • A shed for livestock has been constructed in the next part of the plot. In which according to the area of ​​the plot, there will be a capacity to rear 18 to 28 animals.
  • In addition to residential plots, 50 plots have been allotted for dairy industry, 14 for straw warehouse, 112 plots for Khalchuri and general business.

Dung will be bought at the rate of Re 1 kg

Under the scheme, a Biogas Plant is being set up by the Urban Development Trust for disposal of cow dung from about 15,000 animals. With the establishment of a biogas plant, this scheme will get rid of the foul smell of cow dung and cattle dung will be purchased for the biogas plant at the rate of Re 1 per kg. The gas generated from the biogas will be supplied to the houses through the pipeline. Along with disposal of dung from the biogas plant, organic manure will also be produced.

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