Garlic Price: Farmers of Rajasthan are compelled to sell garlic at half the price fixed by the Center

The Central Government has approved the proposal to purchase garlic in Rajasthan under the Market Intervention Scheme. Despite this, the state government has not yet started procurement from farmers. As a result, farmers are forced to sell garlic to traders at the rate of only Rs 14 per kg in the mandis. Due to this their cost of production is also not being met. The president of Kisan Mahapanchayat, Rampal Jat, has taken a dig at the state government for the delay in procurement. He said that under the scheme, the central government has approved procurement at the rate of Rs 29.57 per kg. Despite this, farmers get the right price of garlic (Garlic Price) cannot be found. They are forced to sell their produce at a loss.

Under the scheme, the Rajasthan government had sought permission from the Center for procurement. Under this, the procurement should have started in May itself. Because from April the crop started coming in the market. The Horticulture Department has not yet asked the Rajasthan State Cooperative Marketing Federation (Rajfed) to procure garlic from the farmers on the basis of the price fixed in the Market Intervention Scheme. That’s why farmers are worried. Garlic is cultivated well in many areas of Rajasthan.

How much loss to the farmers?

Farmer leader Rampal Jat said that due to the apathy of the state government, garlic growing farmers have suffered a loss of Rs 3,274 lakh. The government has failed to provide remunerative price to the farmers for their produce. Since April, 2,10,323 quintals of garlic have arrived in the mandis of Rajasthan. Whose loss is Rs 3,274 lakh according to 1557 per quintal. In the market intervention scheme, the center has fixed the price of garlic at Rs 2957 per quintal.

How much does production cost?

Jat told that the cost of producing one quintal of garlic comes to Rs 2500. Whereas now farmers are getting only Rs 1400 per quintal in the market. Being a scheme to help the farmers, till now its benefits are not being received. The farmer is producing the crop by working so hard and is now selling it at a loss in compulsion. Because no one has a place to keep it, then someone needs money immediately. Garlic is such a crop, due to which it is not sold on time, its bud gets pinched. After this, there is no other option left except to throw it on the streets due to the exhaustion of its usefulness.

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