Farming will change with 5G network, doors of progress will open for farmers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the India Mobile Congress (IMC 2022) at Pragati Maidan in Delhi on Saturday. During this PM Modi in the country 5G network service has begun. Which is being considered as a revolutionary change for the country. It is believed that with the introduction of 5G network in the country, there will be a radical change in many sectors. The agriculture sector is also included in the sectors affected by 5G network. The kind of features of 5G network, it is expected to bring a big change in the agriculture sector. For example, the oldest business of human civilization, which was backward due to many reasons, will move towards being smart after 5G network. At the same time, 5G network will also open the doors of progress for the farmers. A report on how 5G network will affect agriculture and how it will benefit farmers.

The scope of use of drones in agriculture will increase

Drone technology is undoubtedly new in the country and the world. Meanwhile, the Government of India has decided to adopt drone technology in the agriculture sector as well. Under which drones are currently being used for spraying pesticides and fertilizers. But, after the arrival of 5G network, the scope of drones in agriculture will increase. On the one hand, 5G network will bring accuracy in spraying pesticides and fertilizers. So with the increase of internet speed, the mapping will also be accurate. Along with this, drones can also be used for live monitoring of fields. By which invaluable human labor will be saved.

There will be accuracy in the data of crop estimation

India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice, which are the world’s major food staples. So at the same time India supplies food grains to many countries of the world. The supply of food grains to the countries of the world starts with the sowing of crops. Under which preparations are made for the market of food grains on the basis of estimates of sowing and production. So far, there are problems in the data obtained on the basis of the technique used for estimation. At the same time, with the arrival of 5G network, accuracy will come in these estimates. Due to which the food grains of the country will be able to get the market at the right time and farmers will get better prices.

Farmers will have easy access to the market

Farmers engaged in agribusiness grow when their crops get better prices. For this, farmers have to transport their crops from the fields to the mandis. For example, at present monopoly and fluctuations of particular traders in the mandi affect the farmers. Due to this farmers also have to bear the loss. Keeping this in mind, the central government has started the e-NAM portal. But, for many farmers, this digital market is still a far cry. With the introduction of 5G network, farmers will be able to sell their crops from their own fields with better speed. At the same time, farmers will be able to get the price of their crop fixed on the basis of the quality of the crop with better speed on the E-NAM portal.

Accurate weather information will be available on time

Farming is a weather based business. For example, the weather forecast decides the condition of agriculture. The biggest example of this is the monsoon. Whose accurate forecast decides the production of Kharif season crops. The 5G network is also expected to bring accuracy in weather forecasts. So at the same time, farmers will be able to get weather information at the right and accurate time through 5G network. Due to which their damage due to weather will be reduced.

Training of new farming techniques will be available easily

5G network will open avenues of progress for the farmers in many ways. In which the journey of farmers till they become smart will be decided. Till now farmers have to spend money, time to get new technology and training. So at the same time, farmers also have to face many difficulties. But, 5G network is the key to all these problems, which has been able to set the roadmap for providing technology knowledge and virtual training to the farmers sitting at home easily.

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