Farmers worried about sowing of Kharif crops due to delay in rains, now doing farming with this jugaad

Farmers are waiting for rain in Marathwada, Maharashtra. This year, according to the estimates of the Meteorological Department, the farmers after completing the pre-kharif tillage, rain (Rain) Were waiting for it, but till now the rain has not knocked in Marathwada. At the same time, the Agriculture Department is constantly appealing to the farmers that farmers should not hurry for sowing. There was light rain in some districts of Marathwada, but sowing could not be done in it. Still, the farmers have started sowing of Kharif. Soybean is considered to be the main crop in Marathwada, but this time farmers are also sowing cotton on a large scale. The farmers who have sown are now waiting for the rains. The Agriculture Department says that if it rains on time, then it is okay and if not, then the farmers (Famer) May have to sow again.

The farmers who have sown are doing many jugaads to save the crop. In some districts, farmers themselves are filling buckets and watering the sown crop. Its prevalence has increased in Nanded, Hingoli and Parbhani districts. Farmers are saying that there was an estimate of rain in Marathwada from June 20. In such a situation, we are giving water from the bucket so that the crop does not get spoiled and we do not have to sow again.

Farmer did desi jugaad for sowing

It is not raining in Marathwada. At present, farmers are talking about sowing their own water. Hingoli, Parbhani and Nanded districts are in the forefront. Farmers are busy in sowing. In some districts, farmers are giving water to the seeds sown by making a spray bottle from the bottle. Farmers do this desi jugaad when there is no rain and the soil of the field is not moist enough. Farmers say that if there is no rain immediately after sowing, then we will have to sow again and our cost will increase. Some farmers have sown this by taking a risk. Cotton has been sown in 61 thousand hectares in Parbhani district. In such a situation, if there is no rain, the farmers will suffer huge losses.

Rain in only 3 districts

Only three districts of Marathwada region have received rain. But it is not enough for sowing. It is being said from the Agriculture Department that sowing should be done only after 75 mm to 100 mm of rain. While some parts of Latur, Osmanabad and Beed districts of Marathwada have not received rain so far. In the last phase of June, where crops start growing, sowing has not been done yet. So the farmers are worried.

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