Farmers will get cheap seeds, Modi government is making a big plan, country’s export will also increase

Farmers will get cheap seeds, Modi government is making a big plan, country’s export will also increase

The Modi government at the center is constantly working to improve agriculture in the country. To help the farmers, the government has run many schemes like Soil Health Card, Agriculture Crop Insurance, PM Kisan. Now the government is going to do something so that not only farmers will be able to get cheap and good quality seeds, but the country’s exports will also increase.

The Central Government has also created a new Ministry of Cooperatives to promote the cooperative movement in the country. Now this ministry is going to form 3 new co-operatives at the national level keeping in mind the intention of doubling the income of the farmers.

3 National Cooperative will increase the availability of seeds

The Union Cabinet will very soon approve the proposal to form 3 national level co-operatives. Where these co-operatives will increase the availability of good quality seeds in the country, the export of the country will also increase. In this, a co-operative will also work to promote organic food in the country.

ET has reported quoting a senior government official that there is a huge demand for many products of co-operatives in many countries of the world. But due to the absence of any umbrella co-operative at the national level, their export is not done properly. The country has not yet properly utilized the potential of the co-operative.

National co-operative will be made in Delhi

National Co-operatives promoting availability and export of seeds will be in Delhi. While the headquarters of the co-operative for organic food will be in Anand, Gujarat.

The Ministry of Cooperation has asked the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce to provide necessary assistance for this work. For example, what kind of products are in demand in foreign countries, what are the quality standards there. If any study has been done regarding these, then give information about that too. So that the export of co-operative can be increased.

Cooperatives produce 30% of the sugar

Co-operatives produce 30.6 percent of the total sugar production in India, but the share of direct export of cooperative sugar mills in the total export of sugar from the country is less than 1 percent.

Similarly, the cooperative’s share in the production of fertilizers in the country is 28.8 percent, 35 percent in fertilizer distribution and 17.5 percent in purchasing milk surplus.

Co-operatives help 29 crore people in the country

According to official data, there are about 8.54 lakh co-operative societies registered in the country. In these, more than 29 crore people are members. In this too, most of the people come from low income group or rural areas.

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