Farmers will get bumper profit from kumkum okra cultivation, the price is 500 rupees per kg

Farmers will get bumper profit from kumkum okra cultivation, the price is 500 rupees per kg

Okra is very popular among vegetables in the country. It is eaten with great gusto in the homes of common Indians. Although most people know only about green okra but very few people know about red okra. Okra is considered very beneficial for health. In particular, it is considered very beneficial for heart health. It is Kashi Lalima, also known as Kumkum Bhindi.

Sandy loam soil is considered best for Kumkum Bhindi. The pH value of the soil should be between 6.5 and 7.5. Keep in mind that the field in which this okra is being cultivated should be well drained. Red okra cultivation can be done 2 times in a year. The best time to sow kumkum okra is from February to April.

Cultivation of red okra is similar to normal green okra

Common green okra. It is also easy to grow. It costs the same as normal okra. Not only this, due to its red color, it contains more antioxidants and scientists recommend eating it as a salad instead of cooking.

Irrigation< /p>

Irrigation in kumkum okra crop is similar to that of green okra. Irrigation should be done at an interval of 10 to 12 days in the month of March, at an interval of 7 to 8 days in April and in May-June. 4 to 5 days, if there is even rain during the rainy season, then irrigation is not required. During the rabi season, irrigation should be done at intervals of 15 to 20 days after sowing. Does not cost much. It is sold in the market at a higher price than green okra. Red okra is being sold at Rs 500 per kg in markets. According to this farmers can earn good profit by cultivating red okra in 1 acre.

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