Farmers will earn more than paddy cultivation by adopting these methods, experiments are being done in many states

Kharif season (Kharif SeasonThe transplanting of paddy, the main crop of the region, has started. Direct seeding farmers have already done this work. Although still farmers are planting paddy (Paddy Farming) insist on doing the same. This time in Punjab and Haryana, due to the rules issued by the government, transplanting is taking place late than before. The government had taken this decision to save water, reduce the cost of farmers and reduce the burden on power companies. Minimum Support Price of Paddy (MSP) is purchased. In such a situation, farmers are trying to get more production.

This time also farmers are experimenting to get maximum production from paddy. They are doing direct sowing of paddy in some part for less cost. The Punjab and Haryana government is also giving incentive money for adopting this method. Farmers are benefiting from this on two sides. One, they are getting some money in the middle of Kharif season. At the same time, farmers are investing the money left over from direct seeding at low cost on the cultivation of quality varieties of paddy.

Paddy’s MSP has increased by Rs 100

This time most of the attention of the farmers is towards the high yielding varieties in short duration. Some farmers are also opting for longer duration crops. But the first priority is production itself. Farmers are cultivating basmati as well as parmal and coarse rice varieties. Farmers are a bit disillusioned with Parmal as the time period for selling it at government centers is short. Farmers say that this time planting has started late. In such a situation, if the period is not extended, then where will we sell paddy.

This time the Narendra Modi government at the Center has increased the MSP of paddy by Rs 100. Last year the support price of normal paddy was Rs 1940 per quintal, which has increased to 2040 this time. At the same time, the MSP of Grade-A paddy is Rs 2060 per quintal. Last year, there was an increase of Rs 72 in the MSP of paddy. Farmers say that due to inflation, the cost of cultivation has increased significantly. More production is the only way to remove it.

Paddy cultivation in Punjab and Haryana requires a lot of water. The farmers here depend on tube wells. This is the reason why the cost is high here. Whereas in rainfed areas, farmers easily cultivate paddy at low cost. However, the farmers of Haryana and Punjab also get the benefit of purchase at government rates the most.

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