Farmers will cultivate strawberries in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, Horticulture Department is preparing

Strawberry cultivation gives good income to the farmers. It is grown in cold regions. Now in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, farmers will also cultivate strawberries. Strawberry Farming Soil testing was done for this. After this it has been found that the soil here is suitable for strawberry cultivation. District officials aware of the matter say that the Horticulture Department has been given a target to start strawberry cultivation on two hectares of land.

Prayagraj District Horticulture Officer Nalin Sundaram Bhatt said that strawberry cultivation is more profitable than other crops but it is a high investment, high return farming. He said that cultivation of one acre of strawberry costs around Rs 4 lakh and can earn farmers Rs 18-20 lakh per acre. About 54,000 strawberry plants are planted in one hectare (2.47 acres) of land.

Cost per plant is Rs.15-20

Officials said that to encourage farmers to start strawberry cultivation here, the Horticulture Department will provide saplings to them at a cost of Rs 15 to Rs 20 per plant. But to take advantage of the government’s initiative, farmers will have to first register with the district horticulture department. It was later taken over by other farmers who, otherwise, grew tomatoes in polyhouses. Cultivation of this fruit is now being done in more than two dozen districts of the state including the drought-affected Bundelkhand region.

Requires 12-18 degree temperature

The senior horticulturist said that strawberries require a porous soil with very little water requirement and a temperature between 12 to 18 degree Celsius for fruiting. Both these conditions are easily met in winters in most parts of the state. Most of the strawberry farmers also invest in drip irrigation system which requires an easy set-up and reduces water cost by more than 30 per cent. reduces.

22,000 saplings are planted on one acre of land

He said that about 22,000 saplings can be planted in one acre of land and can give a yield of about 20,000 kg of strawberries. The profit margin can vary from 30 to 45% depending on the requirement of the market. Strawberry plants are grown on the mound between mid-September and mid-October. The leaves are laid on the plastic to avoid contact with the soil. Harvesting starts in early January and continues till early March. Strawberries have grown in popularity with increasing food trends over the past decade.

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