Farmers were forced to throw their produce in the market due to not getting proper price of tomatoes.

in the country where tomato prices On the other hand, farmers are throwing tomatoes on the roads due to low prices. The news is from Chitradurga district of Karnataka, where a sharp fall in the prices of tomatoes has been observed, due to which the farmer is forced to dump his hard-grown tomatoes. Farmers of Chikkanammanahalli village in Chillakere taluk of Chitradurga district are throwing their tomatoes in the market as they are not getting the price.

According to the report of Krishi Jagran, this year the price of tomato in the country had reached Rs 100 per kg. But after that its prices saw a sharp decline. Because there was a time in the market when traders were not ready to buy 15 kg tomato box from farmers for even 10 rupees. Angered by this, the farmers threw tomatoes near the US A route and also drove a tractor over it. Whereas tomatoes are currently being sold at the rate of Rs 20-30 per kg in the markets of Jharkhand.

There is no system of tomato processing

Farmers say that there is a severe lack of facilities for processing tomatoes in the area, due to which the farmers have to bear the loss. In view of the high prices of tomatoes, this time the farmers of Kallahalli, Torokolammanahalli and other areas had cultivated tomatoes, but after that the production became more and its supply in the market became more, due to which its prices fell drastically. Farmer Ravikumar of Kereyagalahalli told that he had taken a loan for tomato cultivation, but now its prices have fallen, due to which he is now facing loss.

Difficult for farmers to meet costs

Director of Horticulture, Challakere, Virupakshappa says that good quality tomatoes are sold in the market for Rs 60-70 per box which is 4.60 paise per kg. Whereas round tomatoes are sold at the rate of Rs 10-15 per kg. Which is currently being sold for one rupee a kg. Due to this the farmers do not even get the cost price. On Thursday, tomatoes are being sold here at Rs 140 per box, but even at this rate, farmers are suffering. But there is definitely some relief. Tomato market is located in Chikkammanahalli, Karnataka. Tomatoes grown from other places are brought here. On the other hand, vegetable traders in Jharkhand say that this time due to lack of rain, more vegetables are coming out, due to which vegetables are still available in the market and the prices are not increasing much.

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