Farmers upset due to pest attack on banana crop, forced to uproot the plants

This year the problem of banana growers in Maharashtra is not taking its name to reduce. Due to heavy rains in the early season Banana orchards were destroyed. After which there was a decline in production. At the same time, the farmer is worried about the increasing outbreak of CMV disease on the banana orchard in Jalgaon district. As a result, the difficulties of the farmers have increased. To deal with these difficult conditions, some farmers have been forced to uproot and throw away banana plants. Earlier, farmers had to face problems due to the fall in the prices of bananas.

Actually, the maximum crop of banana is grown in Raver tehsil of Jalgaon district. Banana is the main crop of almost all the farmers here. Jalgaon banana is famous not only in Maharashtra but all over the country. The farmers here have also become prosperous due to the taste and good yield of bananas. But this year, the banana growers of the district are facing many problems. Sometimes due to the callousness of nature and sometimes due to the increasing spread of the disease, the farmers are in trouble.

The cost of dispensing medicines is increasing

So far, proper research has not been done on banana crop pests, disease control, CMV diseases. Farmers say that even medicines for the prevention of CMV disease in banana crop are not available quickly and even if medicines are available for spraying, then they are very expensive. In such a situation, there is an economic loss. Although still a panacea is being developed to get rid of banana research, pests, and CMV diseases, but it is not known how long this technology will come into existence, farmers say that the central and state governments for this. Why are you not taking a tough stand?

loss of lakhs to the farmer

A few days back, farmer Gokul Dhanu Patil of Jalgaon district had planted 4,000 banana saplings from his three acres. As soon as the banana was planted, the crops were getting destroyed due to the growing of a disease called cucumber mosaic virus on the orchards in a few days. After which the farmer got upset and uprooted the plant and threw it on the embankment. Patil had told that due to this he had suffered a loss of lakhs.

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