Farmers upset due to lack of rain, damage to crops sown in lakhs of hectares

Farmers in Nanded district of Maharashtra are currently struggling to save the crop. Crops like soybean, urad, moong, cotton and banana suffered heavy losses due to heavy rains at the beginning of the season. Due to this, 80 percent of the crop grown in 8 lakh hectares of the district was damaged. At the same time, due to lack of rain for the last 25 days in Nanded district, the remaining 20 percent of the crop is also drying up. Under which the crop sown in 3 lakh hectares is estimated to be damaged. This problem has increased the problems of the farmers. As a result the farmers doublecompensation has demanded.

At the same time, a revised report has been sent to the government on crop loss. According to which a total of seven lakh 41 thousand farmers have lost more than 33 percent horticulture and fruit crops out of five lakh 27 thousand, including the affected areas, including the farmers affected by heavy rains in the district. In this, the district administration has doubled Rs 717 crore 88 lakh 91 thousand 600 from the government according to the new criteria of NDRF. compensation has demanded.

which crop suffered how much damage

Nanded district had received heavy rains in the months of July and August this year. So there were heavy rains recorded more than once in many talukas. In July, a record 606 mm of rain fell in a month and the grain of the crops was destroyed. Due to heavy rains, the land along the river was washed away and crops in the low-lying areas were submerged. Soyabean, cotton, jowar, tur, urad, moong crops in 5 lakh 27 thousand 141 hectares, 314 hectares of horticulture and 66 hectares of crops were damaged by more than 33 percent in the severe natural calamity in the district. Seven lakh 41 thousand 946 farmers affected Happened.

At the same time, the farmers are demanding double compensation from the government. After which the district administration took the final damage figures from all the sixteen talukas to compensate the victims. For this, the district administration has demanded Rs 717 crore 88 lakh 91 thousand 600 from the state government through the divisional commissioner under the new criteria of NDRF double compensation.

Soybean production will be affected

Due to heavy rains in the district, crops have been affected on five lakh hectares out of the total cultivated area of ​​8 lakh hectares. The area under soybean cultivation alone has suffered loss on 3 lakh 50 thousand hectares. About 32 lakh quintals of soybean is produced annually in the district. This year the farmers have suffered heavy losses, the farmers say that it will have a huge impact in the production of soybean.

The total cultivable area in Nanded district is 8 lakh hectare.

Affected area 5 lakh hectare

Soybean area 4 lakh 50 thousand hectare

Soybean loss 3 lakh 50 thousand

Last year soybean production was 4 lakh hectares

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