Farmers upset due to increasing outbreak of pests on crops, administration is not paying attention

It has rained heavily in the last few days in Maharashtra. But after the rains, now the attack of pests on the crops has intensified. aside from heavy rain farmers There has been a lot of damage to the crop. On the other hand, the remaining crops are being hit by pests. A new crisis has arisen in front of the farmers of Yavatmal district. The outbreak of millipedes is increasing on soybean, cotton, tur, chilli crops in Arni taluka of the district. Farmers are in trouble due to this. Along with this, heavy rains in some areas have also snatched the land of farmers.

Heavy rains have already caused heavy damage to crops in the state. Farmers are struggling to save the crop. In such a situation, now the attack of pests on corn and soybean crops is also increasing. In the same district, the outbreak of Varun Kidi is also being seen on the chilli crop. Due to this 50 acres of crops have been destroyed in Arni taluka. Farmers are in trouble because of this. But it is alleged that the administration is not helping. Due to this farmers are facing economic loss.

Farmers are accusing agriculture department

Arhar, soybean and chilli crops have been attacked by snails and caterpillars in Kapeshwar of Arni taluka on the border of Vidarbha and Marathwada. The farmers allege that despite informing the officials of the Agriculture Department, they did not pay any attention. However, the farmers who are suffering losses in Marathwada have got help from the government. At the same time, the farmers have also demanded that the farmers of Yavatmal district should also be given help.

Farmers warned of vigorous agitation

The farmers of the district say that we had informed the agriculture officials about the outbreak of caterpillar. But the officials have not yet reacted. This information was also given by the Tehsildar. But he said no help in this regard. The farmers told that the Tehsildar told that the agricultural work lives near the Agriculture Commissionerate. At the same time, the farmers say that if the administration does not pay attention soon, then we will strongly oppose it.

Farmers asked for help

Farmers say that in the initial phase of Kharif crop, snails and earthworms were causing a lot of damage to our agriculture. Now heavy rains and insects have done their rightful job. A farmer told that the Agriculture Department did not pay any attention to this. Snails have caused heavy damage to cotton and soybean crops. The farmers had suffered a lot due to this. That’s why farmers want government help. But, the administration is silent.

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