Farmers troubled by stray animals found a solution, now started its cultivation, there will be no loss

of Uttar Pradesh Hathras District Bumper sowing of potato crop is taking place in the state. Departmental officers this time as compared to last year potato crop The area is expected to increase by 2 thousand hectares. Farmers are also expected to get better potato prices this year than last year. At the same time, this time due to rain, farmers could not sow mustard. Due to this, there has been a decrease in the area under mustard this year in the district.

Potato is cultivated in Mursan, Sadabad, Sahpau and Sasni of Hathras district. But the Sadabad and Mursan development blocks are considered the hub of potatoes. In both these development blocks, potato crop has been sown more this year than last year. Whereas, the area under potato crop in Hathras district last year was 48 thousand 150 hectares. In such a situation, it is expected to increase its area by 2 thousand hectares this year.

Mustard crop area decreased this time

Let us tell you that there was unseasonal rain during the harvesting of paddy crop in the past. This caused heavy damage to the paddy crop. At the same time it is time for sowing of mustard. Farmers could not sow mustard crop due to rain. Due to this, the area under mustard crop in the district has decreased this time.

Farmers are reducing sowing of wheat due to stray cattle

At the same time, the terror of stray cows continues in the district. These cows enter the farmers’ fields and damage the crops. The special thing is that these cattle damage the wheat crop the most. Due to this farmers are reducing the sowing of wheat. This is the reason why the area under potato has increased due to less sowing of mustard and wheat in the district.

District Horticulture Officer Anita Yadav said that due to the unseasonal rains this time, the sowing of mustard has decreased in the district, due to which the area under mustard has decreased. At the same time, the area of ​​potatoes has increased due to this. Last year the area under potato was 48 thousand 150 hectares. The area under potato is expected to increase by 2 thousand hectares this year.

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