Farmers suffering due to floods in Odisha, some got the support of wages and many left their homes

This time in Odisha, flood situation was seen in many districts, due to which there has been a lot of damage to the cultivation of paddy and vegetables in many districts while due to lack of rain in many districts. Farmer Have not been able to do farming at the right time. Due to the irregularity of rains, the yield of crops has been affected. Due to which the compulsion of migration has come before the farmers of Odisha. Farmers are being forced to migrate.

According to the news of The Scroll, Odisha farmer Biswajit Behera tells that his paddy fields were filled with water for two weeks. His entire crop was ruined due to the water being filled up to three feet. Disappointed with the crop failure, Biswajit Behera is now saying that he will do contract labor to earn his living. He told that farming is his only source of income. 10,000 rupees were spent on farming. And now he has no money to feed his family.

completely ruined crop

This is the situation in 15 districts of Odisha. The farmers here are facing such conditions. Because rivers have flooded in these districts and crops have been completely ruined. This is not a new problem for the state. According to the state’s flood management manual, Odisha has 11 river basins and a coastline of more than 470 km, which are prone to floods. About one-fifth of the state’s geographical area is flood-affected. Two it has 85 percent of its agriculture-dependent population.

Farmers migrate in search of livelihood

Due to frequent floods in the rivers here, farmers have to move to other cities in search of livelihood. Because crops are destroyed due to floods. Not only this, there are many such farmers who do farming once the crop is ruined, but it costs them a lot in farming. Due to this their income decreases. On August 11, 10 sluice gates of Hirakud Dam in Sambalpur, Odisha were opened to release excess water, Scroll reported.

so many people were affected due to the flood

By August 17, the Mahanadi and its tributaries had washed away in the districts of Sambalpur, Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Bargarh, Angul, Boudh, Subarnapur, Bolangir, Nuapada, Kalahandi, Cuttack, Kendrapara, Khurda, Puri and Jagatsinghpur. The village of Biswajit Behera was washed away by the Daya River, a tributary of the Mahanadi. Heavy rains in the state due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal worsened the situation, causing floods in the non-coastal districts of the state like Koraput, Samalpur and Boudh. The low pressure in the Bay of Bengal caused heavy rains in the state. The rains further worsened the situation leading to floods in non-coastal districts of the state such as Koraput, Samalpur and Boudh.

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