Farmers should harvest litchi only in a scientific way, if precautions are not taken, there can be heavy loss

Famous Shahi Litchi (Shahi Litchi) is ready to arrive in the market after about 10 days. The biggest question at this time is that what are the precautions that need to be taken while harvesting it. Because its fruits start spoiling immediately after harvesting. The thick red color of the fruit, which is the center of attraction, starts changing its color after a few hours. In such a situation, it is very important to know how to break it so that it can be kept safe for maximum time. Actually, the farmer (in preparing the litchi orchard)Farmers) spend a lot of effort and expense. Its season is of only a few weeks. In such a situation, if the work is not done carefully, then all the hard work and cost can go in vain.

According to the country’s senior fruit scientist Dr SK Singh, litchi is a non-climatic fruit and is harvested only when the fruits are fully ripe on the tree. Factors such as the development of color on the fruit at the time of harvest, the flatness of the knots above the fruit, the easy release of the rind from the pulp and the ratio of TSS and acidity, the number of days taken from fruit set to maturity, etc. are also taken into account. is kept. Although color development is the key criterion for determining the harvesting stage, it is not the final criterion. The final conclusion should be reached only after eating the fruit after breaking it. The fruit is always plucked in bunches with part of the branch and some leaves. The selected bunches are harvested at the time of harvesting when they reach the desired maturity stage.

When to harvest litchis?

Fruits should be plucked early in the morning. Due to favorable temperature and humidity, the fruit gets a long shelf life, otherwise the color of the skin of the fruit starts to deteriorate very quickly due to strong sunlight and heat. At the time of harvesting, fruits should always be collected in bags and should not be allowed to fall on the ground.

keep an eye on the temperature

After harvesting litchi, the fruit should be cooled first, so that the heat at the time of harvesting is removed. After that packing it increases the shelf life of the fruit. Apart from this, fruits should be brought in cold storage within two-three hours. The yield of fruits varies according to the age of the tree, agro-climatic conditions and maintenance of the orchard. Generally, about 80-120 kg fruit per tree is obtained from 14-16 year old trees. However, a yield of 160-200 kg per tree can be obtained from a full grown tree.

In how many weeks is litchi edible?

The famous Shahi variety of litchi matures between 70-75 days from the time of fruiting. The fruit weighs about 20 grams at the time of maturity. Although climatic factors affect flowering time, they do not necessarily affect fruit development or maturity. It takes about five to eight weeks to harvest depending on the cultivar, production, area and condition. The varieties should be harvested only after they have reached the proper stage of maturity.