Farmers’ plans failed due to lack of rain in Jharkhand, read what is happening

Due to failure of monsoon this time in Jharkhand, farmers have also suffered a lot. especially this time Paddy farming Haven’t been able to. Due to this, the farmers earning from paddy cultivation have suffered financial loss as well as their plans for the next year have failed. Because farmers who cultivate paddy on a large scale decide some work for the next year by selling paddy, but this time their plans have failed due to the indifference of the rains.

This year the planting of paddy has decreased in Jharkhand. This will result in a reduction in production. However, after the rains in late July and early August, some farmers have started transplanting paddy. Usually the farmers here transplant till 15th August. Farmers say that even by August 15, if the transplanting is completed and the rains are good, then paddy will be produced. But it will be a little less.

There will be trouble in the education of the younger brother

Sanam Oraon, a farmer of Chund village of Mandar block, says that this time he has suffered a lot due to lack of rain. He told that if there is good rain, he gets a yield of more than 75 quintals. But this time he has not planted a single field so far. This will affect their production. Sanam Oraon told that by selling paddy, he runs the expenses of his brother’s education, but this time there will be trouble for him. This worry is bothering them.

was planning to buy a motorcycle

On the other hand, another farmer Ramhari Oraon told that he cultivates paddy in about eight acres. This time his plan was that he would buy a two-wheeler for himself by selling paddy. But this time due to lack of rain, we have not been able to start paddy cultivation yet. Due to this there will be a decrease in production this time. Like Sanam Oraon and Ramhari Oraon, there are many other farmers whose plans have failed due to the indifference of the monsoon.

Farmers are unable to cultivate paddy

It is worth noting that this time due to delay in rains, farmers have not been able to cultivate paddy. There were reports from most of the districts that the fields were scorched due to sunlight. Apart from this, the crop has grown, but the farmers were not able to prepare the field due to lack of rain. However, in such a situation, agricultural scientists said that the farmer should cut the bichra from above before transplanting, then transplant it.

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