Farmers of this district of Jharkhand turning towards traditional farming, farmers are being encouraged

The picture of agriculture is changing in Jharkhand because now farmers are changing the way they do farming. Because now farmers are again moving forward towards traditional farming. Under this, now the farmers of Gumla district are doing organic farming. Organic farming (Organic FarmingThe number of farmers doing this is increasing year after year. As farmers (FarmersThey are becoming aware that they are adopting organic farming. There was a time when only a few farmers of Gumla district used to do farming in traditional way, but now more than five thousand farmers are doing organic farming in the district. The farmers here organically produce paddy (Paddy), corn, pulses, oilseeds and other vegetables are cultivated. This has been possible because of Gumla District Agriculture Department and KVK.

Most of the families in Gumla district do farming. In such a situation, there are still many farmers who have not adopted organic methods. The number of farmers cultivating pulses oilseeds and spices in organic way is less but the number of farmers cultivating vegetables in organic way is more. There are also farmers in the district who are doing flower cultivation and horticulture in organic way. The work of promoting organic farming is also being done by the department in the district.

Mango is produced on a large scale in the district

Farmers are being encouraged by the Agriculture Department to do organic farming of Rabi and vegetables. It is worth mentioning that a large number of fruits, especially mango, have been planted in the district, which has been done organically. Atal Pandey, a scientist at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Vishunpur, says that earlier the demand for mangoes in the district was met from other districts, but now Gumla produces mangoes in sufficient quantity. He told that work is also being done by KVK to promote organic farming. In the villages around Bushhunpur, organic farming is being done by training the farmers, along with fertilizers are also made available.

Farmers getting inspired for organic farming

Farmers benefit from organic farming. It does not harm the environment. Along with this, consuming organic products also keeps health good. Gumla’s Agriculture Department officer Ashok Kumar Sinha said that knowing the principles of organic farming, now farmers are being motivated to do its cultivation. He said that it is the effort of the department that at the earliest all the farmers of the district should do organic farming except the use of chemicals. This will also increase their earnings.

The use of chemicals causes damage to the land

Giving the example of Sikkim, he said that all the farmers there do organic farming with poop. At the same time, he appealed to the farmers and said that the farmers should stop the use of chemicals and do organic farming. Because in chemical farming, the production is good at first, but after that it has far-reaching consequences, due to which the farmers suffer. The use of chemicals reduces the fertility of the land.

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