Farmers of eastern India can increase production by sowing wheat early, this time the yield was affected due to heat

Wheat is the main crop of Rabi season and farmers cultivate it on a large scale. According to the weather and climate in different regions of the country, farmers sow wheat from October to December. This time in March itself, wheat production was affected due to increase in temperature. Wheat cultivation in eastern India is delayed by a few weeks as compared to northern India. In such a situation, production in this part of the country was affected more.

Agricultural scientists are exploiting the changing weather conditions. They are also getting success in this direction. Many new heat resistant varieties have been developed. On the other hand, in a special study for eastern India, one thing has come to the fore that farmers here can get more production by sowing wheat sooner. For this, farmers will have to sow wheat on time.

According to a study, due to global warming, farmers in eastern India can not only increase yield by sowing wheat early, but they can also achieve success in ensuring food security and agricultural profitability. Researchers from Cornell University in the US said that adjusting the sowing dates of wheat would increase the untapped production capacity of eastern India by 69 per cent.

Early sowing will not affect the heat

The team compiled in-depth data in collaboration with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which gave them the opportunity to unravel complex agricultural realities through big data analysis and determine whether agricultural management practices really mattered to small landholders. What is the importance of.

“This process confirms that transplanting dates are the foundation for adverse climate tolerance and productivity outcomes in major rice-wheat cropping systems in the eastern region of India,” said Andrew McDonald, Associate Professor at Cornell University. The study, recently published in the journal ‘Nature Food’, found that farmers in eastern India could increase yields by planting wheat earlier – avoiding heat stress as the crop matures.

The researchers also found that the intervention would not have a negative impact on rice productivity, which is an important consideration for farmers. The study also made new recommendations for planting dates and varieties of paddy, to accommodate earlier sowing of wheat.

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