Farmer’s income increased due to aloe vera cultivation, earning 10 lakh rupees in one hectare

Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh Aloe Vera Cultivation The story of a farmer doing this is completely different from other farmers. Farmer Vinod Kumar, a resident of Mallawan here, had left work and came to his home due to lack of employment during the Corona period. In those days the demand for immunity booster products was increasing very fast. The decoction made from the aloe vera plant in the pot of the house was being used as a medicine for the people. Seeing this, he made up his mind to cultivate it on a large scale.

In view of this, Vinod Kumar started cultivating aloe vera in about 1 hectare. Initially started farming at a cost of about 50 thousand rupees. The first attempt was successful. Its cultivation has become such a profitable deal that it is also inspiring for the nearby farmers. Kumar told that about 10 lakh rupees are being earned from aloe vera cultivation in one hectare. Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that lasts for many years. A special type of flesh is found in its leaves. It is being cultivated in many dry areas of the country.

In what soil it is cultivated

A large number of farmers are cultivating aloe vera in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Many companies even Baba Ramdev are involved in the buyers of aloe vera grown from this medicinal cultivation. Very little water is required for its cultivation. It is a fast growing crop in minimum rainfall. Aloe vera can also be cultivated in loamy soil and sandy soil. Vinod Kumar told that before preparing the field, about 22 tonnes of manure is used in the field. After that the knot of aloe vera is planted.

The first cutting is ready in four months

In its cultivation, tubers with about 5 leaves are planted at a suitable distance. After planting on the high beds in the row, after taking care of the cultivation and timely watering, its trees start growing rapidly. District Horticulture Inspector Hariom said that leaving about 1 meter, two lines are installed. A distance of about 35 to 40 cm is kept between the drain and the doli. Considering the weather, watering is required in 1 week in appropriate quantity. The first cutting is ready in about 4 months.

how much is the price

Around Rs 10 per kg is available in the market. Its pulp goes up to about 20 rupees. Many companies are also doing its contract farming. Due to which the farmers are getting huge profits from the cultivation of Aloe Vera. According to Dr. Kalim, aloe vera is a medicine for fever, jaundice, cough, skin diseases and cosmetics. It was used as an immunity booster during the Corona period.

Its decoction is made to remove sore throat. District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar said that farmers are being made aware from time to time by the Horticulture Department for the cultivation of Aloe Vera. Inspection of farmers’ fields is also done. Farmers are earning good profit from this crop.

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