‘Farmers get more prices of crops in open markets, there is a conspiracy to close mandis in the name of e-trading’

Haryana Pradesh Trade Board has appointed the Center and Haryana Government But he has been accused of conspiring to close the mandis by spoiling the relationship between farmers and traders. Bajrang Garg, the provincial president of Vyapar Mandal and national chief general secretary of All India Trade Board, said that the choli of farmers and arhtiyas is with the hands and will remain so in future also. He said that the government is talking about buying every crop of the farmer through e-trading, which is completely wrong. which will not be tolerated. At the same time, he said that farmers get higher prices for their crops in the open markets.

So 60 rupees a kg will get flour

Bajrang Garg, the provincial president of Haryana Pradesh Vyapar Mandal said that the government wants to give the business of food grains to big houses. If the grain trade goes into the hands of big houses, then the loose flour being sold at Rs 28 per kg in the country will become Rs 60 per kg. He said that once the government was conspiring to ruin the farmers and arhtiyas by bringing three agriculture laws, and sometimes in the name of e-trading, the arhtiyas and farmers are being harassed. Whereas by selling the farmer’s crop in an open bid in the market, the farmer will get more price for his crop.

No system of payment to farmers

Haryana Pradesh Vyapar Mandal’s provincial president Bajrang Garg said that if a trader from other states buys the farmer’s crop by selling the crop on e-trading, then how the grain will be raised and how the farmer will get the payment for his crop, it is a matter of great concern. Bajrang Garg said that the government does not pay the farmers for several months on the purchase of their crops. Whereas a law has been made by the government to pay the farmer’s crop and lift it from the mandis within 72 hours.

He further said that neither the lifting of wheat and paddy is done in 72 hours nor the payment of crop is done in 72 hours. Whereas the government spends up to a year in the procurement of wheat by the commission of the arhtiyas and the wages of the palledars. Garg said that if the government owes any money to the traders, then the government takes interest and penalty of that money. Whereas the government does not even give any kind of interest on late payment to the brokers, farmers and laborers, which is completely wrong.

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