Farmers disillusioned with traditional farming, beekeeping is getting good profits

central government these days Honey Emphasis on increasing production. Because it has good profit at low cost. This is well understood by the farmers of Gonda district of UP. That’s why they have started focusing on it by leaving or reducing traditional farming. Here in the area of ​​Wazirganj, farmers are getting disillusioned with farming. The cost of traditional farming is increasing, but the profits are decreasing. In such a situation, farmers are looking for new options.

The farmers of the district say that the Wazirganj block is adjacent to the forest, due to which the stray animals and wild animals cause massive damage to the standing crops. Due to crop failure, farmers have to suffer financial loss. That’s why farmers want to leave farming.

What do farmers say?

Ravi Kumar, a farmer from the district, says that he extracts honey thrice a year in October, February and June. Right now he is keeping bees in 50 boxes. 20 coaches were introduced to follow. This gives them 30 kg of pure honey. Which is sold in the market for Rs 500 a kg. Ravi Kumar earlier used to work in a private company in Bihar, had to come to the village due to the lockdown due to the corona epidemic. When the village and farmers understood about farming, people talked about payment of sugarcane arrears and not getting government relief on paddy, wheat. Then Ravi decided to take up beekeeping.

Increasing demand for honey

Some area of ​​Wazirganj is adjacent to the mountainous Aranga Lake. The climate here is favorable for honey production. Ravi started beekeeping 1 year ago at a low cost in 20 coaches. Which was prepared with about 30 kg. The people of Ayodhya and Basti, including the local people, bought honey and people liked the sweetness of this honey. People in their own district bought it by hand. After this Ravi started beekeeping in 50 coaches. The demand is also increasing from Basti, Gorakhpur and Ayodhya including the headquarters. Farmers are now thinking of gradually increasing the business of beekeeping.

motivating others

At the same time, they are motivating the local people for this. Ravi explains that a wooden box has to be prepared in the field to raise the bees, after keeping the bees in it, a jute sack is placed on top. Keep the lid of the box on top of it. For this, a solar powered pump has been installed in the farm itself on a grant for protection. Now other farmers of the district are also turning to beekeeping business.

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