Farmers changed their fortunes by cultivating French beans, getting good profits at low cost

Farmers changed their fortunes by cultivating French beans, getting good profits at low cost

In Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, farmers are earning huge profits by cultivating vegetables in a modern way. The vegetables which used to come from other states till yesterday. Now Hardoi’s Farmer He is producing and selling them in other states besides his own state, one such experienced farmer living in Kandhuna village of Hardoi told that he has been cultivating French beans in his fields by making nets for a long time. The farmer told that the French beans being produced by him are going to Agra, Delhi, Lucknow, Kannauj besides Kanpur. The farmer told that the specialty of the French beans being produced by it is that it is more green and the pods are straight. Due to which this green bean vegetable is in good demand in hotels and restaurants. Most of all, their French bean pods are being liked in the Taj city of Agra. Farmers are earning good profits from this.

French beans are high in protein

The traders there are often buying the pods from the farm itself. Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar said that French beans are green and nutritious vegetables. It is rich in protein. The pods are rich in fat and calcium, vitamin C, carotene, niacin, phosphorus, minerals and vitamins. It is a major source of B2 vitamin, which is helpful in reducing cholesterol in the blood as well as for heart patients. It contains high amounts of magnesium calcium potassium. Its consumption reduces the risk of heart attack.

French beans can be cultivated in this way

A mild warm climate is beneficial for its cultivation. The general environment is beneficial for its crop, and both cold and heat are harmful. It can be cultivated in almost all types of soil. The same vineyard variety requires 30 kg seed in about 1 hectare and 90 kg for bushy variety. It can be sown in several months of the year. In which the month of June-February-March is considered suitable. The distance of seed at the time of sowing is 60 cm and for vineyard varieties 100 cm is considered suitable. Sufficient moisture in the field is essential for seed germination. In a normal field, weeding, hoeing about 3 times and fertilizing the soil to support the tree is very important.

To prevent pests, it is necessary to spray 3 liters of stump per hectare. After 3 weeks of flowering, the width of the pods starts. About 100 quintals of pods are produced in one hectare.

Farmers are getting benefits from its cultivation

The farmers of Hardoi are earning good profits by cultivating French beans. Hardoi District Officer Avinash Kumar said that to promote the cultivation of green vegetables in the district, Choupals are being organized by the District Horticulture Department. Farmers are being encouraged for cultivation by giving grants for the cultivation of vegetables. The economic condition of the farmers is getting better with the cultivation of vegetables.

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