Farmers can earn well by cultivating strawberries in winter, know what should be the soil and variety

The outbreak of cold has increased in many districts of Maharashtra. In these days of cold, farmers can get good yield and profit by cultivating strawberry. There is a lot of demand for strawberries in the winter season. now strawberry Cultivation is not limited to hilly areas or cold areas. Strawberries can be cultivated if proper planning is done in the plains also. Farmers can also get good profit from this crop. On the other hand, farmers who do farming in poly house or by protected method do sowing in other months as well. Preparation before sowing of strawberry is very important. Special work has to be done on the soil of the farm. According to agriculture experts, beds are made after pulverizing the cultivated soil. The width of the beds should be around one and a half meters and the length should be around 3 meters.

In many other states including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, farmers are now cultivating strawberries. Generally strawberry is sown in September and October. But in cold places, it can be sown in February and March as well. At present, the demand for strawberries has also increased everywhere. You can earn good profits by growing delicious strawberries. The demand for strawberries is highest in winter. Strawberries are also beneficial for health. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, as well as potassium and magnesium, eating strawberries is beneficial for bones.

improved varieties of strawberries

There are about 600 varieties of strawberries in the world. Among them, Camarosa, Chandler, Ofra, Black Peacock, Sweden Charlie, Elista and Fair Fox varieties of strawberries are cultivated in India. After planting these varieties of strawberry in the field, the crop gets ready in 40 to 50 days.

how to transplant

To plant strawberries, first prepare the beds in the field. Arrange drip irrigation by applying mulching paper on it. Use cow dung and vermicompost instead of chemical fertilizers. This will reduce the cost of strawberry cultivation and increase profits.

suitable soil

Before planting strawberries, do a soil test to determine if the soil and climate are suitable for strawberries. It would be understandable. Along with this, for more information, you can also get information from the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra or the officials of Agriculture Department.

Farmers can earn good profit

Planting 22 thousand strawberry plants in one acre area, farmers can earn lakhs of rupees by cultivating strawberries. However, it requires good technology, good varieties of seeds, good care, knowledge of strawberries, proper use of marketing. Strawberries are not only marketed as a fruit. The food made from it is also very famous. It is also being used in beauty products. According to experts, 22 thousand strawberry plants can be planted on one acre of land. After 50 days of planting strawberries, the yield is 5 to 6 kg per day. Each plant can yield 500 to 700 grams. 80 to 100 quintals of strawberries can be produced in a season.

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