Farmers can earn good profit from spinach cultivation, know how much income will be in 1 hectare

In Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh these days, farmers are earning good profits from the spinach crop sown in June-July. in India Spinach farming It is a year round crop. This crop is rich in iron. Its demand remains throughout the year. Spinach grown in early June-July gives many cuttings until winter. Spinach sown during the rainy season does not even require much watering. Due to which the farmers also save on the cost of water. Arvind Maurya, a resident of Kachhona in the district, has cultivated it in about 1 hectare.

Arvind told that the spinach of his farm is being sold in the mandis of the district apart from the mandi of Lucknow. He has planted spinach seeds in a row at a distance of about 8-8 inches. Spinach started sprouting a few days after planting. He has sold its first cutting in the market. Due to good weather and good rains, his spinach crop is on the rise in the best way. I am happy to see the farm.

how much is spinach

Maurya told that he had used about 30 kg of seed in one hectare. He has used cow dung manure before preparing the field for spinach crop. They have used nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in average amounts. Preparations have been made to do the first cutting in 25 days and the second cutting in about 30 days. The first spinach cutting prepared in 25 days has gone to the market. The farmer told that spinach is being sold in the market at the rate of around Rs 30 per kg.

good profit

If the crop of about three months is estimated, then there is a hope of saving about 3 lakhs in one hectare. The cost of about 15 thousand rupees has come. Even if your hard work is added, there is a good profit. The District Horticulture Officer of Hardoi said that the incidence of insects is less in spinach. The farmers of Hardoi are saving their crop from pest infestation by spraying solution of neem leaves. For weed control, weeding, hoeing etc. is done from time to time.

When is spinach season

This crop is proving to be extremely beneficial for the farmers. There are about 16 major spinach species like Pusa Bharti, Pusa Palak, Askew Harit. It can be bred in November-December in winter, February-March in summer and June-July during rainy season. It is a crop giving profit to the farmers throughout the year.

The leaves are harvested at a distance of about 6 cm from the roots, which are sold at good prices in the market. A good crop is ready for cutting in about 20 days. Dr. Sher Singh told that spinach is a nutritious diet rich in iron. It is like a medicine for jaundice patients.

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