Farmers can also get good profit from gourd farming, how much is its area in Maharashtra?

Bottle gourd is such a pumpkin crop, whose cultivation can be done year round and farmers can earn good profit. Pumpkin is known as an important vegetable among vegetables. It is not only very good for the health of the eaters but it also improves the economic health of the growers. Gourd is cultivated in all the three seasons Rabi, Kharif and Zaid. Gourd Hot and humid geographical areas are the best for good yield. In Maharashtra, this crop is cultivated in an average area of ​​566 hectares.

If farmers cultivate it after taking the advice of agricultural scientists, then they can get a good crop. Gourd crop is such that a farmer can earn up to one lakh rupees in one hectare. It can be cultivated in different types of soil. But light loamy soil containing fossils with proper water holding capacity is considered best for its successful cultivation. It can also be cultivated in some acidic land. First plowing should be done with soil turning plough, then harrow or cultivator should be run 2-3 times.

What should be the land for gourd cultivation

Gourd farming can be done successfully in any region in the country. It can be cultivated in any kind of land at a place with proper drainage. But light loamy soil containing fossils with proper water holding capacity is considered best for its successful cultivation. In gourd cultivation, the pH value of the land should be between 6 to 7.

which type of farming is more profitable

Plow the field vertically and horizontally and break the lumps. Then add 30 to 35 carts of well rotten manure per hectare. Farmers can earn good profit by vertical cultivation of bottle gourd. Because the fruits are clean and big in it. To earn good profit, the traditional methods have to be changed.

planting time

Gourd crop is grown three times in a year. More crop of gourd is taken in Rabi season. On the other hand, sowing of Kharif season is done from mid-June to first July and sowing of Rabi season is done from end of September to first of October.

gourd varieties

Arka Nutan, Arka Shreyas, Pusa Santushti, Pusa Sandesh, Arka Ganga, Arka Bahar, Pusa Naveen, Pusa Hybrid 3, Samrat, Kashi Bahar, Kashi Kundal, Kashi Kirti and Kashi Ganga etc.

Pusa Samar Proli Fick Log: The fruits of this variety are 40 to 50 cm long and 20 to 25 cm thick. The color of the fruit is yellow green. The yield of this variety is 110 to 120 quintals per hectare.

Pusa Summer Prolific Round: The fruits of this variety are 15 to 20 cm thick green round shape. This variety is good for summer season and gives 90 to 100 quintals per hectare yield.

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