Farmers are turning to these two crops due to more rain and falling prices, they get good prices.

Monsoon has been normal this time. However, there has not been uniform rainfall across the country. Above normal in a large part of the country, states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal have received below normal rainfall. In the areas where good rains have been seen, farmers have changed the cropping pattern. Seeing the prices being higher than the Minimum Support Price, they are paying special attention to the two crops and keeping distance from the cultivation of pulses.

According to experts, farmers are giving more emphasis on cultivation of commercial crops, as they are getting higher prices than the MSP for the entire season. If we look at the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is known that this time farmers are doing maximum cultivation of cotton and soybean except pulses. The reason behind this is to get higher prices than MSP with good rains. According to the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture till July 29, this time farmers have sown pulses in an area of ​​103.23 lakh hectares, compared to 106.18 lakh hectares last year.

Soyabean acreage has decreased in Madhya Pradesh

Instead of pulses, farmers are cultivating soybeans. The data released by the Ministry of Agriculture shows that so far 114.69 lakh hectares have been cultivated so far this time against 111.89 lakh hectares last year. In states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka, farmers have cultivated soybean extensively. Soybean is the main crop of Madhya Pradesh. However, this time there has been a slight decline in the area under soybean.

Apart from soybean, farmers are focusing the most on cotton cultivation. Enthused by the record price they got last year, farmers have made cotton their main crop this time. Till July 29, last year cotton was cultivated in 111.69 lakh hectares. But this time the acreage has increased to 117.64 lakh hectares in the same period. Agricultural experts say that cotton farmers are also getting the support of the weather. There are indications from the market that this time also the rate may remain the same as last year. In such a situation, cotton farmers will be in profit.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this time Maharashtra has seen the highest increase in the area under cotton. Cotton has been cultivated in 41.21 lakh hectares here. Apart from Maharashtra, farmers of Gujarat are also emphasizing on the cultivation of this cash crop. Due to more area under cotton cultivation, the area under groundnut has decreased in the state. Groundnut is cultivated on a large scale in Gujarat.

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