Farmers are not selling wheat in the market even after getting more price than MSP, know what is the reason

The Russo-Ukraine War continues. Because of this, wheat in many countries of the world (Wheat) supply has been affected. In fact, both the countries are called the stronghold of wheat. Both these countries supply wheat to many countries of the world, but due to the war, this supply of wheat has been affected. In such a situation, the demand for Indian wheat is huge all over the world and export of Indian wheat to many countries (Export) being done. Due to this, the prices of wheat have also increased within the country. For example, the price of wheat inside the country is running more than the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Due to which MSP in many countries wheat purchase ,Wheat Procurement) of the government process is closed. It is believed that instead of selling wheat at MSP, farmers are selling wheat in the markets at a higher price, but with the changing developments, now farmers are refraining from selling wheat in the market as well.

Farmers are storing wheat waiting for good price

In fact, due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, at present, the prices of wheat inside the country are running more than the MSP. Because of this, farmers have sold wheat in the market in the past instead of selling it in MSP, but this war is now stopping the farmers from selling wheat in the market too. In fact, the war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. In such a situation, it is believed that the supply of wheat from both the countries to other countries will be completely affected this whole year. In such a situation, farmers are also understanding the benefit in storing wheat. In fact, due to the ongoing war, the farmers are now beginning to feel that there is more increase in the prices of wheat in the coming time. In which he can sell wheat with good price.

Farmers are asking for bonus on MSP in many states

At present, one of the main reasons for storing wheat, where there is a possibility of better prices in the coming time. So the other major reason is the bonus on MSP as well. In fact, this time the wheat crop in Punjab and Haryana has been damaged due to the weather. Due to which the grain of wheat has not been confirmed. In view of this, farmers have also demanded bonus on MSP. No decision has been taken so far on this demand of the farmers. However, farmers are hopeful that in the coming days, the government can announce bonus on MSP. In view of this, farmers are giving priority to storage of wheat.