Farmers are facing the problem of fodder for animals, need to work on adequate availability

Running in Greater Noida world dairy summit In this, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar addressed a special session on Feed, Food and Waste. Tomar drew the attention of the present representatives of the country and abroad towards the challenges of agriculture and dairy sector and talked about working together on it. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on small things to solve the challenges, due to which enthusiasm has been awakened on it. Mainly, there is a need to work considering how to make adequate availability of fodder for the animals, what can be done, what can be done for this.

Tomar emphasized on waste to wealth management by all means and said that in general we do not use the waste properly. Whether it is the waste of crops or the disposal of the waste of fruits and vegetables in the homes, converting them into wealth is the need of the hour. There is a need to think and work on how we can use the waste in different ways. For example, take stubble itself, Pusa Institute has made decomposer using technology for stubble. This will increase the productivity of the farm, while fodder will also be available for the animals, there is a need to work in this direction on a large scale.

Agriculture sector is incomplete without animal husbandry

Tomar said that India is an agricultural country, the field of agriculture is incomplete without animal husbandry and cooperatives. In view of this, Prime Minister Modi has announced special packages of more than 1.5 lakh crore rupees for agriculture and allied sectors under the self-reliant India campaign. Women have a big contribution in animal husbandry and milking sector, including women empowerment. The government has also increased their budget by creating separate animal husbandry and cooperative ministries. The basic spirit behind all this is to benefit the farmers. Now agri startups are also increasing.

Farmers are facing the problem of fodder

Giving the example of the Goras area of ​​his parliamentary constituency Morena, the Union Agriculture Minister said that this area used to be a cluster of Gir cows. Even at present, there are about 30 thousand cows here, but due to lack of fodder during the summer, the animals have to be taken away for grazing. Work has now been started in this direction. There is also a need to pay attention to how to increase awareness about how animals get food. He said that cow dung is also a waste. The central government has started the Gobar Dhan scheme. Cow dung can be used as energy. This will increase the income, while the environment will be saved from harm.

Emphasis on organic farming and natural farming

Tomar said that natural farming will also get a boost from animals, especially cow dung. People have become health conscious after Kovid. Moving towards clean and good production, even if it takes four paise more. People’s attention has been drawn towards natural farming. The work of organic farming and natural farming is increasing. It is in demand all over the world. Recently, the country has exported agricultural products worth Rs. It contains a large amount of organic products. He said that whatever conclusions will come out in the entire discussion of the Dairy Summit, the government will take it seriously and will proceed thoughtfully.

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