Farmers are excited by the record breaking rate cotton is getting, expect a huge increase in area in Kharif season

The cotton season is currently in its last phase in Maharashtra. Despite this, the crop is still getting a record rate in the market. Cotton from the beginning of the season (cotton) There is an uptrend in the prices, which continues till the last stage. Cotton has got the highest price of this season in Selu Market Committee. In Wardha, cotton is sold at the rate of Rs 14,370 per quintal. A farmer had reached here with 15 quintals of cotton, in return for which he got Rs 2 lakh 15 thousand 475. Despite the decline in cotton production, farmers (Farmer) Satisfied with the increased rates.

In Maharashtra, there was a decline in the area under cotton not only in Marathwada but also in other parts of the state. Due to the falling prices and the damage caused by pink worm pests, farmers started focusing on soybeans and other crops. But the picture is expected to change at this year’s record rate. The Agriculture Department says that if the cotton seeds are received before time, then farmers will start planting cotton immediately, which can then increase the outbreak of pests. Keeping this in mind, this year the Agriculture Department has prepared a separate plan for the supply of seeds. Considering this year’s record price, it is expected that there may be a huge increase in the area under cotton in Kharif season.

Price doubled during the season

At the beginning of the season it was certain that the fall in production would lead to an increase in the price of cotton, so instead of selling cotton, farmers started stockpiling it on a large scale. They have got the benefit of this for the whole season and cotton is sold at a higher price. Cotton prices have not declined even once in the entire season. The price started from Rs 7,000 per quintal and has come down to Rs 14,370 today. This year the record price of cotton has been found. It is expected that the rates may increase further.

Cotton prices broke all records

The price of cotton is increasing day by day. Earlier, the Akot Bazar Committee in West Vidarbha had got a rate of Rs 13,500 per quintal. The market committee has broken all the rates in Selu of Wardha district. In this market committee, farmer Sunil Landge had brought 15 quintals of cotton to sell, for which he got 2 lakh 15 thousand 475 i.e. the price of cotton has reached Rs 14,365 per quintal. The farmer said that in the coming kharif season also he will emphasize on cotton cultivation, for which he has already started preparations.