Farmers are earning well by cultivating capsicum, know everything about it

The price of capsicum is generally better than other vegetables in the market. The farmers who have understood this, are earning good money today. There are many farmers in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh who Capsicum cultivation Earning good money from The capsicum produced by the farmers here is going from Delhi to Agra. One such farmer is Kamal. He says that this is a better profitable farming. Its cultivation is going to increase the income of the farmers.

Like normal vegetables, its cultivation is also done in all types of climate. Farmers get rich income with good results. The farmer told that he plowed one hectare of land lying fallow for a long time after adding manure to it. After that, after putting out the weeds, spraying weeds and anti-bacterial drugs and started the cultivation of capsicum.

Benefits of using drip irrigation

Kamal told that he is using drip irrigation method in its cultivation. This is the best irrigation method for farming. He said that farmers are slowly coming out of the traditional method of watering. After investing money in this method, water can be saved as well as water can be applied according to the need. Cost is saved and production is good. Through this method, we can also use manure in the right way. The government is giving big discounts on this method.

Starts getting fruits in just 75 days

The farmer told that after making the beds in the field, he had planted the ready seedlings of capsicum at a proper distance. From time to time, by spraying the right manure, water and insecticides, the best crop is obtained. For the cultivation of capsicum, the pH value of the soil should be 6. Capsicum plant can tolerate temperature up to 40 degrees and the plant starts giving yields after about 75 days of transplanting. About 300 quintals of capsicum are produced in one hectare.

how much is the price at the moment

Kamal told that he has used the seeds of Solan bountiful species. The size of this plant is good. Its fruit does not rot quickly. At present, 100 kg of capsicum is being sold in the market. Crops are being bought hand-in-hand in the market. Due to which profits of lakhs are being made. This yield continues in this manner for about 6 months. About one weeding is required every month to manage the plants. Due to this, there is greenery and luster in the plants. By controlling weeds, the fruit and beauty of the plants remains intact.

how much is the yield

When holes are seen in the leaves of the plants, he sprays the appropriate amount of sulfur on the trees. The crop is mostly damaged by fungal pests like mosaic disease, uttha disease and stem borer. With timely care, the plant’s happiness remains intact. The farmer told that by the way, he is preparing to take about 300 quintals of crop. But if the weather favors then it can go up to 500 quintals.

How much subsidy do vegetable growers get

Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar said that the farmers cultivating vegetables are being given grants and seeds. Up to 70 percent subsidy is given by the Horticulture Department to the farmers who grow vegetable crops. A grant of about 37500 is given to the farmers producing capsicum on one and a half hectares, which helps for the farmer and for his cultivation. Most of the farmers keep coming to the Horticulture Department to get its benefits.

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