Farmers are earning big money by processing dates, it is also helping in reducing dependence on imports

Farmer in a district of Gujarat (Farmers) cultivates dates on a large scale. However, this is not enough to meet the needs of India. This is the reason why India is dependent on imports to meet the domestic demand for dates. But the efforts of the farmers of Gujarat are helping in reducing the imports a bit. Gujarat (GujaratThe farmers of Kutch district cultivate two varieties of dates. This includes Israeli and indigenous varieties. Farmers sell the Israeli variety directly in the market. But the indigenous variety of dates can be processed through dried dates (Dry Dates) change to . They are getting a lot of profit from this and they are now getting encouraged to cultivate it in more and more area.

Farmers of Anjar in Kutch district are resorting to machines to get more benefits from dates. They dry the indigenous variety of dates and supply them to the companies making mouth fresheners. The farmers started it on a trial basis and this experiment was successful. The farmers have so far produced 14 tonnes of dry dates, which can go up to 25 tonnes this season. It is important to mention here that India imports 3 lakh tonnes of dried dates every year from countries like Pakistan, Iraq and UAE.

Farmers making profit by adopting processing

Praful Patel, a farmer involved in a group of 4 farmers who prepare dry dates, told Times of India that we have invested Rs 25 lakh in setting up a dryer machine. He said that India imports dried dates from many countries, but the largest part was imported from Sindh province of Pakistan. The climate here is suitable for dry dates. Farmers in Sindh do not have to use machines to dry dates. Due to this import from Pakistan was very cheap. But after the Pulwama attack, India imposed a duty of 200 percent on imports from Pakistan. The date farmers of Gujarat took this as an opportunity for themselves.

Here dates are cultivated in an area of ​​19 thousand hectares and every year 1.8 lakh tonnes are produced. In India, date palms are harvested in the month of June-July and the humidity is very high during this time. For this reason, farmers have to convert it into dry dates through machines. Seeing the profit after investment, farmers have adopted processing on a large scale. Now they not only dry and sell the dates, but also prepare the powder and put it in the market. Due to this they are getting a lot of profit and India’s dependence on imports is decreasing.

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