Farmers’ anger against the government for not getting compensation, expressed protest by throwing milk on the road

The crops of farmers were damaged in many parts of Maharashtra due to heavy rains in the past. Along with this, the agricultural land of many farmers has also been washed away in the rain. The farmers of Hingoli district are also included in the list of farmers suffering losses due to heavy rains. In Hingoli district, there was heavy rainfall in the months of July and August. in this rain farmers was harmed. But, the farmers of the other two talukas including Sengaon taluka of Hingoli district have not got relief from the government. These situations are when the compensation amount has been released by the state government to the farmers of all the districts. However, the names of farmers of Sengaon taluka and two villages of Hingoli district have been kept out of the compensation list. Since then the farmers of the area are angry with the government. In such a situation, farmers have registered their protest by throwing milk on the streets.

Farmers of 40 to 45 villages deprived of assistance

In Hingoli district, there was heavy rain in the months of July and August. At that time there was a huge loss of agricultural crops, to compensate for this loss, an assistance of Rs 13 thousand 500 per hectare was announced by the state government. However, three villages in Sengaon taluka were denied this help. It has been said from the administration that there has been no damage to the crops due to the lack of heavy rains in these areas. Due to this, the farmers of about 40 to 45 villages of this area had to be excluded from the list of government’s compensation help. The same farmers say that the government has ignored the damage done to the crops.

The state government has not yet taken cognizance of this strike, due to which the farmers of Goregaon today agitated by shedding milk on the roads. The farmers have demanded that these deprived villages in Sengaon taluka should be immediately included in the list of affected villages and the government should give immediate compensation to the farmers.

Farmer wrote a letter to the Chief Minister with blood

The farmer, a resident of Sengaon taluka in Hingoli district, had written a letter to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde with his blood, demanding compensation for the damage caused to crops. In a letter written in blood by the farmer, the Chief Minister had asked the question whether he lives in Maharashtra or in Bihar? The farmer further said that we are also farmers living in Maharashtra. Crops have also been damaged in our taluka due to heavy rains. We also need help. The farmer had demanded from the government that the administration should conduct Panchnama in the taluka and give compensation.

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