Farmers adopt the combination of moong and fish, the same land will earn double

Farmers adopt the combination of moong and fish, the same land will earn double

in soil for agriculture and fish farming (Fish Farming) to nitrogen in water (Nitrogen) is very important to have in sufficient quantity. Artificial method is also adopted to increase it. in which urea or organic manure (Organic Manure) is used as Jeevamrut. But fish farming farmers, especially in Bihar and UP, can increase the amount of nitrogen in their farm or pond by adopting this method. This method is completely organic and does not require any kind of organic or chemical fertilizers or products. This also increases the yield and also increases the income in less expenditure.

In the plains of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, there are many such ponds in the ponds where fish farming is done, where the rain water gets filled during the rainy season and then the water dries up in February-March. Then in June-July the water gets filled. These are such ponds from where farmers can cultivate pulses apart from fish farming and get better production. In fact, when the pond dries up in summer, after plowing it, pulse crops especially moong cultivation (Moong Ki Kheti) farmers can.

Farmers can do farming in this way

Then when the moong crop is ready, after plucking the moong pods, the farmers plow the field again and the moong plants remain at the bottom of the pond. Which do not allow the lack of nitrogen in the soil and water of the pond. Apart from this, if the farmers want, they can cultivate Dhanita (Dhaicha) in a dry pond. It can also be plowed and left in the pond. Smoke also proves to be very helpful in increasing the amount of nitrogen.

Nitrogen grows in land and pond

By cultivating moong or pulse crops, nitrogen increases, due to which the organic load available in the pond is utilized properly. This improves the balance of nutrients and increases production. Also, the soil of the pond becomes better. Spawn rearing of fish in these ponds gives better results. If we talk about fish farming, then the development of bottom fish like grass carp is very fast. The biggest advantage is that production can be achieved from the land in both rain and drought conditions.

There is bumper production without fertilizers and pesticides

If we talk about production forest in this way, then by cultivating moong ki in one acre pond, production of five to six quintals can be achieved. The biggest thing is that it only costs the farmer to plow and buy moong seeds. No fertilizers or pesticides of any kind are used. Whereas after cultivating moong, fish farming on that land yields 10-12 quintals per acre. In this way farmers can earn good money. Apart from this, the farmers cultivating paddy in the hilly areas are also