Farmer Advisory: Farmers should not spray crops in view of monsoon, agricultural scientists advised

In view of the monsoon forecast, agricultural scientists have warned the farmers. There is a possibility of rain in the coming days. Because of this advice to the farmers (Farmers Advisory) that they should not do any kind of spraying in all the crops. Not only this, do proper management in standing crops. Also, keeping in mind the current season, farmers are advised to prepare nursery for paddy. Indian Agricultural Research Institute has issued this advisory. Agricultural scientists have said that for transplanting in one hectare area, it is sufficient to prepare paddy seedlings in about 800-1000 square meter area. Divide the nursery area into beds as per convenience.

For seed treatment before sowing in nursery, dissolve 10-12 grams of Bavastin and 1 gram of streptocycline in 10 liters of water for 5.0 kg seed. Make this solution as required and put the seeds in it for 12-15 hours. After that take out the paddy seed and keep it covered in a shady place for 24-36 hours and keep sprinkling water lightly. After the seed germinates, sprinkle it in the nursery. Get the soil tested from a certified source and mix proper nutrients in the soil and get your field leveled wherever possible.

Improved Varieties of Basmati Paddy

Agricultural scientists have said that the farmers who are going to cultivate Basmati paddy should pay special attention to its variety. Pusa Basmati 1692, Pusa Basmati 1509, Pusa Basmati 1885, Pusa Basmati 1886, Pusa Basmati 1847, Pusa Basmati 1637, Pusa 44, Pusa 1718, Pusa Basmati 1401, Pusa Sugandha 5, Pusa Sugandha 4 (Pusa 1121), Pant Dhan-4 And Pant Dhan-10 are its high yielding varieties.

Take care while sowing tur

Sowing of tur can be done this week. For good germination, take care of sufficient moisture in the field at the time of sowing. Buy seeds only from a certified source. For good germination, it is necessary to have sufficient moisture in the field. Farmers are urged to treat the seeds with Rhizobium suitable for pigeon pea and with Phosphorus soluble Bacteria (PSB) fungal vaccines before sowing. This treatment increases the production of the crop. Among the good varieties of tur, the names of Pusa Arhar-16, Pusa 2001, Pusa 2002, Pusa 991, Pusa 992, Paras and Manak come.

Know about the improved varieties of moong and urad

Choose improved varieties of seeds for cultivating moong and urad. For its good germination, take care of sufficient moisture in the field at the time of sowing. The improved varieties of moong include Pusa-1431, Pusa-1641, Pusa Vishal, Pusa-5931, SML-668 and Samrat. While the improved varieties of urad include Type-9, T-31, T-39 etc. Before sowing, the seeds must be treated with crop specific Rhizobium and Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria. It is necessary to have sufficient moisture in the field at the time of sowing.

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