Exports decline amid increase in cotton prices, now the outbreak of pests is increasing

Cotton was the main crop in Kharif season, but due to pink worm, not only cotton area but its quality has also been affected. Last year there was a huge drop in production due to the wrath of nature and pest infestation. The result was that cotton (cotton) Despite the record price of Rs. The cotton of Khandesh region is most preferred by the exporters and Khandesh itself is the most cultivated cotton, but this year there has been a decline in the production of cotton due to the outbreak of pests, which has an effect on exports. (Export) But has happened. For the first time this year cotton has been exported from Marathwada and Vidarbha. Khandesh’s cotton exports have declined by 80 percent.

The biggest crisis on cotton is due to the increasing outbreak of pink worm, which has reduced the area under cotton in Marathwada. Along with banana, cotton is also cultivated on a large scale in Khandesh. Cotton is cultivated in 8 lakh 50 thousand hectares in Jalgaon district alone. However, cotton growing farmers are suffering heavy losses due to the outbreak of bollworm. Efforts are being made at the government level to control the outbreak of bollworm. After June 1, a limit has been set for cotton cultivation so that farmers can do integrated management and reduce the incidence of pests.

No movement even in the local market

The erratic nature and excessive rains have led to a decline in the production of cotton. Also in the last stage, the infestation of pink larva, other pests increased rapidly. Such unfavorable conditions not only reduced the production but the quality of cotton has also deteriorated. Due to this, exporters not only stopped buying due to poor quality, but there was no demand for low quality cotton in the local market till the end. Therefore, the farmers have not directly benefited from the higher prices.

Area of ​​cotton will increase in Kharif season

Seeing the record price of cotton this year, the Agriculture Department says that farmers will once again turn to cotton cultivation in the coming Kharif season. Especially in Marathwada, where there has been a decrease in its production for the last 5 years. Therefore, the Agriculture Department is taking a cautious approach from now on and is appealing to the farmers to cultivate only on our guidance. To reduce the impact of pests, the Agriculture Department will sell cotton seeds to farmers from June 1, so that farmers do not cultivate it before time, which increases the effect of pests.