Example made for farmers through flower cultivation, today we earn in lakhs

Advocate Prasad, who lives in Deoghar district of Jharkhand, is a successful farmer today with his hard work and understanding. Their specialty is that even after being successful, they did not change the method of farming and even today they do farming by adopting traditional methods. Lawyer Prasad flower cultivation (Flower Farming), although he had some trouble during the lockdown. He told that there is a lot of profit in flower cultivation. Also told that there is never any problem in selling flowers due to good demand. The specialty of flower cultivation is that once planted, it can be earned by breaking it many times.

floriculture farmers (Farmers) because flower cultivation farmers have to apply only once and irrigate. This makes it a better source of income. Along with this, it takes less cost and less effort in its cultivation and the price is good. Due to this, the economic condition of the flower growing farmers of Deoghar is much better than other farmers. Mainly three types of flowers are in high demand in Jharkhand, these include marigold, gerbera (Gerbera) and gladiules. Marigold (Marigold Flower) cultivation is beneficial for the farmers of Deoghar because the demand is good due to the Baijnath Dham temple of Lord Shiva here.

Flowers were imported from Kolkata

Lawyer Prasad has been associated with floriculture for the last five years. According to media reports, he told that earlier most of the flowers for worship here were brought from Kolkata. After this, the farmers here thought that flowers should be grown at the local level in Deoghar, then the farmers made a plan and started cultivating flowers. For this, the cooperation of the officers of the department was also found among the farmers. After starting farming, farmers got good production. Now other farmers including lawyer Prasad are earning lakhs of rupees by selling flowers.

New identity gained from floriculture

Vakil Prasad has got a new identity through the cultivation of flowers and he is an inspiration for the farmers. This is the reason why they are locally called flower farmers. Apart from the cultivation of flowers, he has also done horticulture. There are about 500 mango trees in his garden. National Horticulture Mission has got the support for mango horticulture. He has also done good work in the field of horticulture. Now people go to see their gardens. Seeing his plantation, other farmers are also getting inspired for gardening.

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