Emphasis is being given on increasing soybean production, agriculture officers are advising farmers by going to the field

Despite the delay in sowing of Kharif season crops this year, every effort is being made to increase the production. Particularly, a big contribution of the Agriculture Department is being seen in this. Farmers who sow at this time (sowing) Confused about this, they are in dire need of counseling. Amidst the delay in rains this year, the Agriculture Department of Washim district (Agriculture DepartmentOn behalf of the farmers, advice is being given by visiting the fields. Soybean is cultivated on a large scale here, so various activities are being conducted by the Agriculture Department to increase the production. Not only are appeals being made to the farmers, but guidance is also being given. With the help from the department, the farmers (Farmer) No longer confused.

So far, farmers of more than 700 villages have been advised by the Agriculture Department on seed processing. The actual process of increasing production starts from sowing, so farmers need proper guidance. If sowing is not done at the right time, then there is a problem in germination. The Agriculture Department had started the seed promotion campaign from April 1.

Sowing is done in 4 lakh hectare area

Kharif season is important for farmers’ finances. Apart from this, soybean is sown in an area of ​​more than 4 lakh hectares in Washim. In such a situation, for the last one and a half months, the Sub-Divisional Officer of Agriculture Department, Taluka Agriculture Officer, Board Officer and Agriculture Assistant are guiding the farmers. Guidance is being given to the members of the Farmers Self Help Groups at the village level. In addition, camps are being organized.

How is seed processing done?

Seed processing is a very simple and straightforward method, but equally important. This is because the germination capacity of the crop depends on it. One to two hours before sowing, farmers should be given 3 grams of Thiram or Captan per kg of seed. Farmers can also add Bavistin to the seed. After that treat Rhizobium bactericide at the rate of 10 ml per 1 kg seed. These seeds should be sown immediately after drying in the sun. Farmers should sow only by following the above-mentioned process. Due to this, the outbreak of diseases and pests on the crop is less and production is also available in more quantity.

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