Efforts to promote the use of nutritious cereals intensify, India becoming a global center of millet

The central government has started trying to promote the use of ancient and nutritious grains of India. This campaign of the government will benefit the farmers and the health of the eaters will be fine. The United Nations General Assembly in the year 2023 international meet year declared as. It was adopted by a United Nations resolution, led by India and supported by more than 70 countries. This will help spread awareness around the world about the importance of millet, its role in sustainable agriculture and its benefits as a fine and luxurious food.

India is poised to become a global hub of millet with a production of over 170 lakh tonnes. More than 80 percent of the millet produced in Asia is being produced here. The earliest evidence for these grains is found in the Indus Civilization and was one of the first plants used for food. It is grown in about 131 countries and is the traditional food of about 600 million people in Asia and Africa.

What will happen for the awareness of coarse cereals?

  • A competition to design a painting with the theme ‘India’s Wealth, Millets for Health’ has been started from September 5 and aims to showcase the health benefits of millets to raise awareness among the masses. The competition will end on 5th November 2022. The government claims that it has received very encouraging response so far.
  • Millet Startup Innovation Challenge has been launched on 10 September 2022. This initiative encourages young minds to provide technical and business solutions to the existing problems in the millet eco-system. This innovation challenge will be open till 31 January 2023.
  • The Mighty Millets Quiz was launched recently, in which the questions asked were based on Bajra and its benefits and it has also received an overwhelming response. This competition will end on 20 October 2022. This will increase people’s knowledge about millet and coarse cereals. A competition will also be started soon for an audio song and documentary film on the importance of Bajra.
  • The logo and slogan competition for the International Millet Year 2023 has already been organized. Winners will be announced soon. The Government of India will soon release the logo and slogan to mark the momentous occasion of the International Millet Year 2023. The attempt is to popularize coarse cereals by any means necessary.

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