Dwarfism in paddy spreading rapidly in Punjab, loss of more than 50 crores to farmers in Ludhiana itself

Kharif season is at its peak. under which these days Transplantation of paddy And the sowing is almost done. At the same time, early varieties of paddy plants have also grown. Meanwhile, in the past, cases of underdevelopment of paddy plants were reported in many areas of Punjab. Which was identified as a dwarf disease of paddy. This disease is spreading rapidly in Punjab at present. For example, gradually in many areas of Punjab, information about dwarfing of paddy plants is coming to the fore. Since then, the difficulties of the farmers of the state have increased.

Cases are coming out from these districts

According to a report in The Tribune, there are complaints about dwarfing of plants in normal paddy and basmati paddy fields almost all over the state. In which more cases have been reported mainly from Patiala, Fatehgarh Sahib, Ropar, Mohali, Hoshiarpur, Pathankot, Gurdaspur Ludhiana. In this incidents of dwarf paddy plants have come to the fore from various blocks of Ludhiana. In which Ludhiana block (300 hectare), Khanna (1,500 hectare), Samrala (1,100 hectare), Machhiwada (400 hectare), Doraha and Mangat (50 hectare each), and Sidhwan Bet block (100 hectare) caused crop dwarfism. has deteriorated since.

Ludhiana farmers have lost more than Rs 51.35 crore

According to a report in The Tribune, this season in Ludhiana, the state’s highest paddy has been grown in 2,58,600 hectares. There the crop of more than 3,500 hectares has been damaged due to this disease. Which is 1.35 percent of the total area under paddy. According to the report, if the crop yield pattern and pricing are taken into account, the farmers of Ludhiana district alone have suffered a loss of more than Rs 51.35 crore so far. The main reason for this is that due to the disease, the yield of at least 2,51,720 quintals of paddy has already been affected by the disease.

In 2021-22, Ludhiana district recorded a paddy yield of 7,192 kg per hectare and the minimum support price (MSP) of paddy has been fixed at Rs 2,040 per quintal for 2022-23.

This disease caused by Chinese virus

When cases of this disease were reported last month, it was marked as an unknown disease. However, in the past, the Punjab Agricultural University had considered this disease of dwarfism in paddy plants as a result of South Rice Black-streaked Dwarf Virus (SRBSDV). At the same time, scientists had found that this disease is involved in those plants, which were sown before June 25.

According to scientists, dwarf disease is caused by a double-stranded RNA virus, which was first reported from southern China in 2001. The traits that arise on rice as well as the genome structure are similar to those of rice black-striped dwarf viruses.

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