Dry horticulture scheme will start in Bihar, farmers will cultivate in 875 hectares on subsidy of 30 thousand rupees

For the horticulture farmers, the Government of Bihar has come up with the Dry Horticulture Scheme. Under this subsidy will also be given to the farmers doing farming. The state government has also released funds for this scheme. The state government is making a lot of efforts to encourage high-income farming other than the cultivation of traditional crops. In this episode, this scheme has been started. Giving information in this regard, Bihar Agriculture Minister Amarendra Pratap Singh said on Wednesday that the name of this scheme has been named Dry Horticulture Scheme. Under this, a target has been set to cultivate 875 hectares.

Giving more details about the scheme, the Agriculture Minister of Bihar said that the state government has given approval for micro irrigation based dry horticulture scheme under Saat Nischay-2 for a period of 3 years for about Rs 3 crore. He said that this plan is already underway. Now it has been extended for 3 years. According to Amarendra Pratap Singh, 566 hectares were covered under the scheme in the first phase. This year 875 hectare area will be expanded under this scheme. Under this scheme, farmers can apply for a maximum of 4 hectares and a minimum of 0.1 hectares for fruit plants.

Will get subsidy of 30 thousand rupees

He said that farmers can take advantage of this scheme by cultivating on the bunds of their fields. The benefit of this scheme will be given to those farmers who have compulsorily installed drip irrigation or by whom the work of setting up drip irrigation is being done. Under this scheme, 60 thousand rupees per hectare will be given in three annual installments to meet the cost and cost of planting material for dry fruits having less water. A maximum of 30 thousand rupees per hectare or 50 percent of the cost will be given as subsidy.

The minister said that 7500 vegetable saplings per hectare would be made available as per the demand of the farmers through the Integrated Garden Development Scheme, as desired, for the gap between fruit plants. Farmers can take advantage by getting income from vegetable plants before growing fruit plants of dry horticulture. He said that seedlings of hybrid varieties of tomato, brinjal, chilli, cabbage, cauliflower and lacquered vegetables would be made available to the farmers through Integrated Garden Development Scheme from Center of Excellence, Chandi, Nalanda.

The scheme will be implemented in all 38 districts of Bihar

The work of drip irrigation will be done compulsorily on all the areas of dry horticulture. Such farmers will be given subsidy under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana. According to the needs of the farmers, community tube wells will also be established, which will get 100 percent grant under the community tube well scheme operated under the state scheme head. The benefit of the community tube well scheme will be given only to the farmers who take the scheme in the group.

He said that this scheme would be implemented by selecting farmers for dry horticulture crop for all 38 districts of the state. For district wise scheme operation, training will also be given to 2400 farmers from the Center of Excellence. After scrutiny of the application, saplings of amla, plum, jamun, jackfruit, bael, pomegranate, lemon and sweet lemon etc. will be provided to the farmers who fulfill all the conditions. Farmers will be free to choose fruit plants as per their wish.

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