Dry Fruits Price: Dry fruits will be expensive before festivals, pockets will be more loose for almonds and pistachios

Nutrient-rich almonds and pistachios can become expensive in the coming few days. The price of almonds is still lower than last month, but the price of pistachios (Pistachio Price) is increasing continuously. In the last one month, there has been an inflation of Rs 100 per kg of pistachios. But now it is expected to be more expensive. Because, its shortage has been reported in Iran. On the other hand the price of almonds (Almond Price) I have seen some softening. Right now its arrival is good, but by the middle of July its rate may increase somewhat. At present, the wholesale price of almonds in Mumbai is Rs 640 per kg while pistachios are being sold at Rs 925. dry fruits in future (Dry Fruits) may increase.

Pistachio in India comes from Iran. Indrajit Thakkar of Mumbai-based Kanji Manji Kothari & Co says that there is a shortage of pistachios in Iran right now, due to which the rate is getting expensive. A month ago, the price of salted pistachios in bulk was Rs 825 per kg, which has now gone up to Rs 925. On the other hand, the price of pistachio magaz has increased from Rs 1500 per kg to 1900. There are indications that in the next few months, especially before Raksha Bandhan, its price may increase by up to Rs 500 a kg.

The price of almonds may also increase

Thakkar says that the arrival of American Almond is good right now. Therefore, the rate is soft compared to the previous month. Last month the wholesale price of American almonds was Rs 640 per kg. But now it has come down and is stable at the rate of 620. After about a month, by July 15-20, it can go up to the level of Rs 700 per kg.

What is the price of Iranian almonds?

The price of Mamra almonds coming from Iran is currently running from Rs 1700 to Rs 2500 per kg depending on the quality. There is also a possibility of a slight increase in its price. There is also some increase in the price of cashew nuts. About a month ago, the wholesale price of cashew, which was Rs 720 per kg, has now become Rs 750. Cashew has good arrivals from Goa and African countries. However, instead of rushing to buy now, one should see the trend of the market. It is possible that due to any international change in the dry fruit market, the situation will change.

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