Drought: Drought situation in 17 districts of Uttar Pradesh, Purvanchal is the worst

This time the indifference of monsoon has overshadowed the Kharif season. For example, due to less rainfall in Kharif season, drought conditions have arisen in many states. Due to this sowing of paddy has also been affected. dried Uttar Pradesh is also in this list of facing states. Where due to less rain, there is a drought situation in 17 districts. Among these drought-affected districts, the districts of Purvanchal are the most. That is, Purvanchal is most vulnerable to drought.

The picture surfaced in the government’s report

The picture of the drought situation in Uttar Pradesh that has come to the fore is based on the government’s report. In fact, in a meeting on 7 September, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had asked the district magistrates to review the drought and send its report to the government. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, many districts have sent reports to the government, in which the situation of drought has been confirmed in 17 districts of the state.

The number of drought affected districts may increase

In the report received by the Uttar Pradesh government, the number of drought-affected districts has come to the fore at 17. But, it is feared that the number of drought-affected districts may increase further. In fact, still many districts have not considered the figures on the portal as final. According to the reason behind this, the survey work is still pending in many villages of some districts. So there is a survey being done at many places.

Drought affected 5 lakh hectare area, more than 33% crop damage

A total of 5 lakh hectares in 17 districts were estimated to be affected by drought conditions in Uttar Pradesh due to deficient rains. At the same time, the loss of 33 percent of the crops of Kharif season of these districts has also been estimated. In which the maximum damage has been done to paddy. In fact, water is needed the most for sowing and transplanting paddy. Due to this, the area under paddy has decreased this time in UP.

Drought-like conditions in these districts

In the report received by the district magistrates of the Uttar Pradesh government, there is a drought-like situation in 17 districts. These districts include Siddharthnagar, Sant Kabir Nagar, Gonda, Prayagraj, Chandauli, Kushinagar etc. districts.

production decline due to drought

This time due to drought, the production of paddy has been estimated to decrease. In the past, the Food Secretary had estimated the reduction in paddy area citing drought in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Due to this, 10 to 12 million metric tonnes of rice production has been estimated to decrease in the Kharif season. According to a new report of the Ministry of Agriculture, the area under paddy has decreased by 19 lakh hectares this year as compared to last year.

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