Demand to stop fortified rice rising in Jharkhand, distribution was done in two blocks under pilot project

Food security in the country (Food Security) After ensuring nutritional security (Nutrition Security) is being emphasized. Malnutrition is a big problem in many states of the country. Some districts of Jharkhand are also included in it. In such a situation, as a pilot project in these districts, PDS (PDS) through fortified rice (Fortified Rice) have been delivered. So that the deficiency of iron and vitamins can be fulfilled in the people. But there is a demand to stop fortified rice in Jharkhand. It is being said that it can also have the opposite effect. Actually, Right to Food Campaign and Asha Swaraj visited two blocks of Jharkhand’s Khunti and West Singhbhum district and tried to know the advantages or disadvantages of using this rice there.

In such a situation, the question arises that what is fortified rice after all. How is it made. Fortified rice can be called artificial rice. To make it, this powder is first made. After this iron, vitamin D and other nutritious elements are added to it. After this it is processed and again given the form of rice. The fact finding team believes that fortified rice is not good from the health point of view. Because its consumption can also lead to side effects. Balram Joe, a Right to Food activist in the team, said that in countries where fortified rice has been used to remove malnutrition, its results have not been better.

It can be fatal for people suffering from blood diseases

Kavita Kuruganti of Asha Kisan Swaraj told that the cases of Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia are very high in Jharkhand. While there is also a lack of information about it. Patients do not even know that they have such a serious disease. Iron fortified rice can prove fatal for such patients. This may not be an effective way to fight malnutrition. He said that FSSI does not advise Thalassemia sufferers to eat fortified rice without consulting the doctor.

Villagers dislike fortified rice

Rohin Kumar, who is part of the fact finding team, told that when he went to Karra block and Chauliya block of Jharkhand and talked to the villagers, they told that they do not like to eat this rice but through PDS this rice is being given to them. . Rohin Kumar said that to fight malnutrition, the government can encourage the cultivation of coarse cereals, as well as take measures to increase the nutrition of crops in a natural way. This will also benefit the farmers and will not have to eat fortified food containing chemicals.